There’s a price that’s getting paid by citizens for liberal permissiveness. Democrats keep making the same mistakes while expecting different results. In NYC, their Democrat City Council voted last night to cut funding to the NYPD by $1,000,000,000. That’s billion with a B. That’s a 17% cut in the NYPD budget. Predictably, violent crime is way up. Predictably, the defund crowd isn’t satisfied. They want more.

This proves an old cliché that says “the gap between more and enough never closes. Put differently, appeasement doesn’t work. The end result of this is a massive uptick in unexpected retirements:

A total of 272 uniformed NYPD officers filed retirement papers between the day George Floyd was killed and June 24, which represents an increase of 49% from the same time period last year.

Expect that many of the officers who planned on starting today for the NYPD will find jobs with other PDs. It’s virtually guaranteed.

In Seattle, Jenny Durkan’s permissiveness cost people their lives. At least 2 young people were murdered and perhaps more lost their lives. While she appeared on CNN to tell Chris Cuomo about Seattle’s “summer of love”, violent crimes increased. This is what Democrat Gov. Jay Inslee said on June 11:

“I spoke with @MayorJenny and her team about the situation on Capitol Hill,” Inslee said in a tweet on June 11. “Although unpermitted, and we should remember we are still in a pandemic, the area is largely peaceful. Peaceful protests are fundamentally American, and I am hopeful there will be a peaceful resolution.”

This morning, police arrested anarchists and retook control of the CHOP/CHAZ Zone. So much for peaceful protests. Rep. Doug Collins, a Republican from Georgia, tweeted this:

In Minneapolis, Jacob Frey’s and Tim Walz’s permissiveness led to a week of destruction, which led to entire neighborhoods getting destroyed. Since then, the Powderhorn Park neighborhood has said that it’s ok for homeless people to use the city park. They said that they wouldn’t call the police. That neighborhood’s permissiveness with the homeless has led to the Park becoming a favorite meeting place for drug dealers and their clients. It’s also become a favorite meeting place for johns meeting prostitutes. What a lovely-sounding neighborhood.

This quote is utterly absurd:

Durkan’s order on Wednesday, despite Best’s statement that CHOP was “lawless and brutal,” did praise the people of CHOP, saying “much of the expression has been peaceful and created community solidarity for Black Lives Matter, including features such as a community garden, public art, and conversation corner…”

That’s like saying that the seas that the Titanic dealt with were mostly peaceful except for one ice chunk. That’s like saying that the play where Lincoln was assassinated was a fine event with just one burst of unpleasantness.

The Democrats’ permissiveness has literally gotten people killed. More passivity will only make things worse. The worst news is that Democrats haven’t learned from the Democrats’ passivity.

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