Anyone who’s paid attention to Joe Biden can’t dispute the fact that he’s in cognitive decline. John Hinderaker’s post on the subject includes a hard-hitting ad paid for by “The Committee to defend the President.” As John says, this won’t be the last ad on this subject:

A little over halfway through the ad, they show Biden struggling, straining to recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Here’s what Biden said:

All men and women created by the — you know the thing.

John’s commentary is right, too:

The Democrats have also announced that Biden will participate in three presidential debates. Frankly, this surprises me. I question whether he can survive them. The problem with presidential debates, for the Democrats, is that reporters can shield their candidate only so far. At some point, he has to try to answer questions. Biden can’t do that.

This is one of several reasons why I think current polls are meaningless.

The other thing that’s certain to work against Biden is what’s happening with the Defund the Police movement. While I don’t doubt that the “CHOP” zone will cause Washington State to flip from blue to red, it’s quite possible the BLM-Antifa rioting and looting in Minneapolis will make Minnesota much more competitive than normal. One thing that won’t fly is lawlessness in the streets. Big city after big city is facing that type of lawlessness. The problem isn’t a bipartisan problem.

Let me repeat that. The problem isn’t a bipartisan problem. It’s the Democrats’ problem. Let me repeat that. It’s 100% the Democrats’ problem. Chicago, where over 100 citizens were shot this past weekend and 14 citizens were killed this weekend, hasn’t had a Republican mayor since 1932. There isn’t a Republican on the Chicago City Council. Minneapolis hasn’t had a Republican mayor since 1978. Their City Council is 100% Democrat. Seattle’s mayor is nuttier than a warehouse filled with fruitcake. Republicans will ram that point home endlessly the rest of the campaign.

That issue won’t play well for Democrats. People naturally want to feel protected, their families safe. When people see fires burning in neighborhoods, they don’t feel safe. Tweets like this don’t make people feel comfortable, either:

Thus far, Joe Biden hasn’t said a thing about the rioting, looting, violence and killings. With AOC and others pushing dismantling or defunding the police, this won’t make people feel safe. Biden has looked like a tower of mush throughout this. His impotence in the face of all this violence and his clear cognitive decline aren’t the characteristics people are looking for in a leader.

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