If you don’t realize that Robert Reich, Bill Clinton’s former Labor Secretary, is a socialist by the time you reach the third paragraph of this article, then you’re either a Democrat or a product of a government school. The article starts by saying “Some societies center on social control, others on social investment.”

It continues, saying “Social-control societies put substantial resources into police, prisons, surveillance, immigration enforcement and the military. Their purpose is to utilize fear, punishment and violence, to maintain what they consider order. Social-investment societies put more resources into healthcare, education, affordable housing, jobless benefits and children. Their purpose is to free people from the risks and anxieties of daily life and give everyone a fair shot at making it.”

Does Reich really think that people who appreciate being safe push policies that “utilize fear, punishment and violence?” Does Reich, a hardline Democrat progressive, think that Democrats invest in policies that “free people from the risks and anxieties of daily life?” That’s the definition of socialism. Socialism guarantees equality of outcomes. That’s why it inevitably leads to a race to the bottom. Capitalism inevitably leads to innovation and prosperity. Then Reich said this:

Donald Trump epitomizes the former. He calls himself the “law and order” president. He even wants to sic the military on Americans protesting against police brutality.

That’s a lie. President Trump doesn’t want to use the military to put down peaceful protests. This video is proof of that:

The United States began as a control society. Slavery, America’s original sin, depended on the harshest conceivable controls. Jim Crow wasn’t much better. But in the decades following the second world war, the nation began inching toward social investment.

Slavery wasn’t just “America’s original sin.” It was many nations’ original sin. Native Americans took other tribes captive after their wars. Just because the MSM isn’t willing to talk about this doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. In fact, there’s lots of things that the MSM doesn’t write about that’s happened.

Reich’s propaganda is a rewriting of history. Thanks to civil order, more money could be invested in things like the military, the interstate highway system and other types of infrastructure. Also, as public employee unions gathered power, corruption set in. Rather than focusing on what’s best for students, the NEA and AFT worried about what’s best for their clients. Teachers, aka their clients, pushed for the status quo, which didn’t keep up with the students’ needs.

Insisting on maintaining civility didn’t cause the problems that Reich described. Officials who weren’t people of integrity had far more negative influence on the decline of society.

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