This article is sloppy journalism. It’s what you’d expect from the MSM. It’s what you’d expect of GOP establishment Trump-haters.

The article opens by talking about Joe Biden, saying “Joe Biden hasn’t held a press conference in 77 days, but Democrats aren’t feeling much pressure to put their presumptive presidential nominee front and center at the moment. Biden has, for the most part, kept a low profile throughout the coronavirus pandemic and weeks of demonstrations for racial justice across the country. Over that time, Biden has built up a healthy lead in the polls and emerged as the heavy favorite for now to be the next president.”

It isn’t until the 13th paragraph that the article’s apparent sourcing appears, saying “The only way to smoke him out is to start throwing haymakers directly at Biden,” said one Republican who is close to the campaign. “It needs to come from the campaign and the president directly, and they need to be the kinds of shots that force a response. Right now, the Biden campaign has no incentive to respond. But I also think at a certain point the press pool will get frustrated by the lack of press conferences and access and Biden will start to feel organic pressure to be more accessible.”

That’s literally the only time a source is mentioned. It isn’t sourced as “a senior Trump campaign advisor.” It’s likely just a Trump campaign wannabe. As for the campaign, this is President Trump’s to lose. Democrats are digging themselves a huge whole with their “defund the police” campaign. Do they seriously think suburban security moms will gravitate to this message? Here’s something worth asking yourself: picture a husband and wife sitting in their condo. They’ve been stuck there for 2+ months thanks to the COVID lockdown in Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio or Pennsylvania.

Next, they see scenes like this from Minneapolis:

The next thing they hear is that the Minneapolis City Council has voted to put a charter amendment on the ballot this November to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department, aka MPD. After that, national figures like AOC, Ilhan Omar and potential Biden VP pick Kamala Harris speak out about defund the police.

After that, Jenny Durkan, Seattle’s mayor, lets anarchists take over a major portion of Seattle’s downtown. In an interview, Durkan says that this development might start Seattle’s “Summer of love.” What sane person is attracted to such weak-kneed examples of leadership? Though the media won’t speak negatively about the defund the police, people will figure it out that Democrats are the Party of Anarchy and Violent Crime. There’s no way that’s a winning message.

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