You don’t miss something (someone?) until you don’t have it anymore. These days, I’m missing Norm Coleman because he’d be a major upgrade over Jacob Frey and the idiots serving on the Minneapolis City Council. Norm’s op-ed in the Star Tribune reminds us what leadership and good policy making look like.

It didn’t take Norm long to criticize the leadership team in Minneapolis. Starting in the 4th paragraph, Norm wrote “Meanwhile, in times of great tragedy there are those who rise from the ashes to give comfort to the afflicted. There are those who provide leadership when communities are clamoring for a way out from desperation. There are people who bring the best and the brightest ideas to bear to change bad systems and bad processes.”

Next, Norm dropped a bombshell:

And then there is the Minneapolis City Council.

That bunch of wild-eyed activists can’t see straight. That’s why they’re leading Minneapolis off a policy cliff.

A majority of the City Council members who have publicly declared they will defund and disband their Police Department.

Norm mentions later in his op-ed that “the lawless always want less law.” Then he harshly criticizes Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender:

Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender claims that calling police during an emergency is an act of “privilege.” On the contrary, the first responsibility of government is to protect its citizens — all its citizens.

Minneapolis failed George Floyd. The City Council now wants to double-down on that failure of responsibility by dismantling their Police Department. Every American citizen is owed the right, not the privilege, of being able to call for police assistance in an emergency.

Outside of Seattle Mayor Jenny ‘Summer of Love’ Durkan, Lisa Bender might be the most foolish-sounding local politician in the U.S. That’s saying something. They both should be instant inductees into the Municipal Hall of Idiots.

Next, Norm asks some important questions, questions that the Minneapolis City Council doesn’t have answers for:

The people of Minneapolis have every right to ask their elected officials who are promoting eliminating the Police Department why this solution is better than all the other solutions they’ve offered up for decades that didn’t stop racism, violence and bad cops who failed their city.

  1. Why didn’t they protect the people of Minneapolis?
  2. Why didn’t they protect good cops from bad cops?
  3. Why didn’t they stop their city from burning?

Frey and the City Council failed because they’re activists, not serious policy-makers. During the 2016 presidential campaign, President Trump asked the African-American community “What do you have to lose?” This year, African-Americans should recognize that the inept leadership of the DFL mayor and the terrible policies of the DFL City Council cost their neighborhoods and their stores everything. It’s been reduced to rubble..

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