If ever there was a need to stop a bad policy before it started, it would be to stop the #DefundThePolice movement. It’s one of the most absurd ideas ever. This article by Charlie LeDuff illustrates why investing in better police training, more officers on patrol and better salaries is the ticket to better outcomes. That doesn’t mean that our police forces don’t need cleaning up. They definitely need that. It’s that dismantling the police, which the Minneapolis just voted to do, is a terrible idea.

LeDuff’s article highlights the folly of Minneapolis’s policy. In his article, LeDuff writes about India Williams. According to the article, “India Williams was shot just over five years ago. ‘All I want from the man who shot me is an apology,’ says India, now 12. She has yet to receive one. In fact, her case has been closed, her shooter never charged, and is presumed still at large.” Then there’s this story:

Mayana Lanton, 14, was shot through the face in 2018 as she stood inside her west side home, readying herself for school. Like India, she was a media darling for a few weeks. Now the cameras are gone and her story forgotten. Her shooter, too, has never been apprehended.

That’s the future Minneapolis is destined to have if its citizens don’t rescue the city from its city council. The first responsibility that each unit of government is assigned is protecting its citizens. There’s no proof that the Detroit Police Department, aka DPD, is capable of consistently living up to that responsibility. Minneapolis Police Department Chief Medaria Arradondo has a difficult fight ahead. To say that he looks battle-fatigued in this interview is understatement:

Barring a miracle, Minneapolis might be in Detroit’s situation within 5 years. Here’s more from LeDuff:

The children of Detroit deserve better schools, better housing, cleaner water and summer camps. Funding these priorities by defunding patrol officers, however, is squeezing blood from a turnip. So where do we find the financial capital to invest in human capital? Start with the municipal contracts.

It might start with Tim Scott’s and Ben Carson’s opportunity zones. What’s also needed are opportunity scholarships and some federal grants to hire police officers at a decent salary.

The police department is hiring. But be forewarned. Starting salary is $40,000 a year. And the risks are obvious.

If we want to rebuild the City of Detroit, which we should, public safety must be everyone’s highest priority. If we want to stop the #DefundThePolice movement, we must eliminate the thought that something is irreparably damaged. People thought that during Jimmy Carter’s term in office. People said that the job of president was too big for one man. Then Ronald Reagan got elected. It took a little time but things started improving. It wasn’t that the job was too big for one man. It’s that the job was too big for Jimmy Carter.

What Detroit needs is a turnaround specialist with crisis management skills. I wonder if Mitt Romney is interested.

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  • Nick says:

    I don’t support defunding the police, however I do support mandatory body cam requirements for all police officers, ending warrantless no-knock raids, and so called qualified immunity (especially with people under 18).

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