People with common sense have known for quite some time that the systemic racism meme that Democrats have pushed is a myth. This morning, that myth got exploded with reality when rumors started that St. Cloud police officers had shot 2 black men. That led to St. Cloud police using “tear gas and chemical irritants early Monday morning to disperse about 100 people who marched on police headquarters.”

What actually happened was far different. According to the article, “The rumors emerged after a police officer was shot in the hand shortly after midnight Monday by a suspect during an altercation in the 1000 block of 10th Avenue South.” St. Cloud Chief of Police Blair Anderson responded, saying “This place could have been on fire because of a lie.”

With racial tensions running sky-high, it’s amazing that things were limited like this:

Officers chased and caught the suspect in the 1000 block of 10th Avenue South. The suspect physically resisted arrest and during the struggle, the suspect shot a handgun and hit one officer in the hand. Officers did not shoot their weapons and took the suspect into custody. The handgun was recovered at the scene of the incident, as was another firearm, Anderson said.

That these police officers didn’t fire their weapons is proof that racism isn’t inevitable. It’s possible that people can get trained to respond properly. Racism is only systemic when there’s a corrupt culture within a police department that tolerates bad behavior. That isn’t systemic. That’s episodic.

Chief Anderson is right in pointing out that his officers handled things right, both at where the shooting happened and at the police station. Chief Anderson provided additional insight into the incident in this article:

“This was one of those situations that could have gone markedly different,” Anderson said. “This was one of those situations, and let me be clear because what I’m hearing across the nation is people asking, well, what constitutes the use of deadly force? This did. And our officers showed great restraint, great professionalism because that’s how we do what we do.”

Then Chief Anderson added this information:

“Things can get blasted all over creation right now and it is very reckless in my opinion, it’s very dangerous. And this is the kind of thing that could have escalated. And I am deeply concerned about that kind of stuff.”

I just spoke with St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis about the policy aspect of things. Something that Mayor Kleis emphasized is something that he’s famous for — his weekly townhall meetings. Mayor Kleis says that that’s how he’s built relationships with people. It isn’t surprising that people disagree with Mayor Kleis. That’s fair game. Building relationships, though, are important for situations like this.

Mayor Kleis verified that 2 windows were broken at the 9th Ave. Police Station. Kleis confirmed that other damage was inflicted on the rioters’ march over from where the initial incident happened. Those suspects will be prosecuted when they’re apprehended. The BCA and the federal government are working on that aspect.

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