After I wrote this post, a thought pierced through my thick skull. This isn’t about a policy fight. It’s a street fight being waged by well-trained rioters and anarchists. These rioters took the time to figure out a battle plan. People were trained to help fighters overcome police tactics.

While Capitol Hill Democrats (the ones in DC, not Seattle) insist that they won’t defund the police, the people in the streets don’t just talk defunding. They’re taking action to abolish police departments (plural, not singular). Since funding police departments comes from municipalities, the things that DC Democrats say is irrelevant.

Here in Minnesota, the DFL House is gearing up for a fight about police reform. This is window-dressing. Again, it won’t affect Minneapolis, Minnesota’s biggest city. They’re trying to eliminate their police department and replace it with shrinks, social workers and who knows what else.

Right now, Ground Zero is Minneapolis. That won’t last forever. Whoever trained these streetfighters didn’t do this to eliminate the police department of a mid-sized city in the Midwest. This is intended to be used nationwide.

This goes beyond partisan politics, too. The manifesto/handbook is intended to give other anarchists a playbook to follow in tearing down governments. What’s frightening is that Democrats haven’t noticed that they’re supporting a cause that they don’t have control over. As usual, Democrats see this as a political movement. This isn’t a political movement. It’s a let’s-restructure-government movement that seeks to tear down the Constitution.

In case people hadn’t noticed, these anarchists a) hate America with a passion, b) hate the Constitution and c) want the Bill of Rights demolished. Why should we think that this is anything except a powerplay? This isn’t just a movement. It’s a multi-faceted organization.

During the rioting in NYC, pallets of bricks were found at pre-staged locations. In Minneapolis, Black Lives Matter rioters just happened to find concrete blocks on a walking bridge on I-94, which they then threw at police officers. In Seattle, anarchists took over a 6-block area with virtually no resistance. After the riot, the Seattle police chief, Carmen Best, held a press conference. She told her officers that she didn’t have anything to do with the capture of the police station, hinting that Mayor Durkan ordered the stand-down.

These riots are just starting. Rest assured that they’ll spread. This won’t be, in the words of Seattle’s Democrat Mayor Durkan, a summer of love. This is shaping up to be a summer of hate, arrests and riots.

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