If people haven’t noticed, the DFL is throwing this year’s election away. The DFL is throwing it away in multiple ways. First, the DFL supported Gov. Walz’s autocratic rules during the COVID pandemic. Gov. Walz shut down Minnesota’s economy, then kept it shut way longer than it needed to be. Meanwhile, Gov. Walz ignored the people while trusting a COVID model thrown together by a pair of college grad students over a weekend. Nothing says trust me like a COVID model that’s highly inaccurate but wasn’t peer-reviewed.

The ‘Party of Government’ put together a COVID model that, initially, was off by 20,000 in terms of deaths. Then we were told that we had to still shelter-in-place to prevent the peak from overwhelming hospitals and clinics. According to the grad student models, that’s still a month away. What a joke. The so-called ‘Party of Government’ is the actually the ‘Party of Incompetence.’

Next came the protests in front of the Governor’s mansion. People were mad as hell with Gov. Walz and they let him know about it. They let Gov. Walz and the DFL know that they didn’t appreciate them boarding up their businesses while sending recovering COVID patients to nursing homes. People didn’t like that because it killed seniors living in nursing homes and assisted living facilities unnecessarily.

After George Floyd’s murder, the DFL decided that this was the time that they could push their farther-than-far-left agenda. The DFL started with protests, then moved to looting and pillaging before advancing to rioting and vandalism. It didn’t help that the House Majority Leader tweeted that a gas tanker truck had plowed into people and that this driver’s truck was covered with confederate flags and “white nationalist insignias’:

The DFL is telling their most loyal constituency, the minority community, that they aren’t worthy of police protection. On top of all that, native Americans tore down a statue of Christopher Columbus that’s located on the Capitol grounds. While that statue was toppled, State Troopers were ordered to stand down. After the statue was toppled, the Troopers were instructed to stand in a circle around the toppled statue:

Nothing says societal instability like a lack of law enforcement and a spineless governor. Gov. Walz won’t stand up to the special interests. We know that because he hasn’t done that yet. Why would we think that he’ll change that pattern now? Further, these special interests are led by idiots like Jeremiah Ellison and Lisa Bender and extremists like Steve Fletcher.

That trio, combined with Tim Walz and Jacob Frey, are the faces of the DFL Office of Incompetence and Stupidity. If you want to find that office in the State organizational chart, it’s part of the Minnesota Department of Human Rights. Another part of it is found in the Minnesota Department of Human Sacrifices Services. Still another part of that office is found where MNLARS used to be.

Seriously, Democrats in the executive branch are idiots. Wherever you find the DFL in the legislative branch, you find slush funds for their special interest allies. Isn’t that a surprise?

This won’t play well in the suburbs. Suburbanites prefer stability and predictability. Thanks to the DFL, suburbanites don’t have either of those things. They don’t have sensible leadership, either.

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