The Christopher Columbus statue at the Minnesota state capitol was destroyed today. According the AP article, “Protesters in Minnesota on Wednesday pulled down a statue of Christopher Columbus outside the state Capitol amid continuing anger over the death of George Floyd. The protesters threw a rope around the 10-foot bronze statue Wednesday afternoon and pulled it off its stone pedestal.”

The article continues, saying “The protesters, including Dakota and Ojibwe Indians, said they consider Columbus a symbol of genocide against Native Americans. They said they had tried many times to remove it through the political process, but without success.”

The part that most Minnesotans will be paying attention to is where it says “State Patrol troopers in helmets, who provide security in the Capitol complex, stood by at a distance but did not try to stop the protesters, who celebrated afterward with Native American singing and drumming.” The first question is this: why didn’t the State Patrol intervene before the statue was toppled? That isn’t to say that the State Patrol is corrupt. That’s the first question because we want to know who told the troopers not to intervene.

The article clearly states that the Troopers “provide security in the Capitol complex.” It also says that they “stood by at a distance but didn’t try to stop the protesters.” If the Troopers’ responsibility is to provide security, why didn’t they secure the Capitol complex? This is eerily reminiscent of Jacob Frey’s order to police to stand down when rioters destroyed the Third Precinct Police Station.

The difference is that Jacob Frey isn’t giving orders to State Troopers. He can’t give orders to state workers any more than Gov. Walz can give orders to the Minneapolis Police Chief. What makes this even stranger is that this video shows the State Troopers guarding the toppled statue:

This has Gov. Walz’s fingerprints all over it. It’s logical that he’s the one that would give final approval of such a decision. I spoke with a friend of mine about who’d make the final decision. My friend said that it’s likely made by the Department of Administration but that Gov. Walz would likely have to give his approval, too.

That’s another instance of Gov. Walz caving to the DFL fringe. It’s another opportunity lost by Walz to showcase his leadership. During the early days of the George Floyd riots, Gov. Walz didn’t respond. Buildings burned, neighborhoods destroyed, lives shattered. Today, Gov. Walz could’ve ordered the Troopers to protect the statue. Instead, he was AWOL while the statue toppled.

The only leadership in the DFL is being shown by Ilhan Omar, Keith and Jeremiah Ellison and Lisa Bender. The bad news for sane Minnesotans is that they’re crazier than AOC. Jacob Frey and Tim Walz haven’t shown any leadership.

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