The indispensable Instapundit has posted a link on Fred Thompson’s latest role. The news couldn’t be better for movement conservatives. Fred Thompson lost the battle for the GOP presidential nomination but he’ll win the war for movement conservatives in his new job:

Our nation has some serious issues to work through for today…and for the next generation. Now isn’t the time for conservatives to be looking for a tailored message or a politically expedient route to victory if the end result is going to be the inevitable slide toward the liberalization and secularization of America, and the growth of government and loss of freedom that inevitably ensues. For us conservatives it must be about principles and policies that are grounded in freedom, free markets and the rule of law. That’s what I’ve been talking and writing about for the past few years, and that’s what I want to talk write about here on Townhall and in the new Townhall Magazine.

I joined Townhall and am writing exclusive commentaries for Townhall Magazine because I see them elevating the discourse on issues based on these principles — smaller government, individual liberty, standing for common values that have become all too uncommon, a strong national defense and, most of all, an optimism and belief in America.

Rest assured that Fredheads across the nation will tune into Fred’s exclusive columns because they’ll want to hear Fred’s articulation of genuine conservative principles.

This is the best way to build the conservative movement from the bottom up. Really, it’s the only way that that type of rebuilding is possible. Both parties face uphill battles in rebuilding their product, though it’s obvious that Republicans have alot more garbage to take out before they’re rebuilt than do Democrats. That said, Republicans have an appealing set of principles to rebuild on, something that Democrats don’t have. Let’s remember that more people voted against Republicans in 2006 than voted for Democrats.

I admit that I was more than a bit pessimistic this morning. We’ve lost 3 straight special elections in districts that should’ve been safe districts. The fact that John McCain, and to a lesser extent the RNC, didn’t seem to care much about the GOP base didn’t sit well with me. Fred’s reminder that he’d seen conservatives up close and personal during his campaign was the perfect tonic for what ailed me.

The thing that have been badly missing from the conservative movement are leadership and vision. Fred offers an abundance of both qualities. He’s someone that can inspire people to get involved in the conservative movement.

Contrary to what others have thought, I don’t think we need Ronald Reagan’s clone. We just can’t stray from the pillars of Reagan’s conservatism, namely freedom, prosperity and a strong national defense. Underlying those pillars are the ideals of limited government and federalism, which isn’t possible without a healthy respect for the Ninth and Tenth Amendments.

Fred Thompson’s enunciation of conservative principles will inspire a new set of leaders. He can play the role of his mentor, Sen. Barry Goldwater. I suspect that he’d like being remembered as this generation’s Goldwater (without Goldwater’s landslide defeat, of course).

Isn’t it time that we rolled up our sleeves and got to work rebuilding the GOP on the right principles? Actually, it’s long past time.

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3 Responses to “***GREAT NEWS ALERT***GREAT NEWS ALERT***”

  • J. Ewing says:

    Actually, if the Party can’t coalesce around a set of clear, commonsense agenda items now, when it would win the election for them and actually MATTER, what incentive do they have to do so while dwelling in the outer darkness of the Obama Presidency?

    Fred is great, and right, but most of us already know what the main conservative principles are and even what policies are needed to advance those principles. The problem is that if we don’t win elections, none of it matters.

    Do we really want to sit around telling each other how brilliant we are, because we agree, while the country is destroyed?

  • Dennis says:

    I kinda think that is the point that has been made for well over a year. The Party can’t unite under Juan McCain.

    Is it the job of the Party to unite behind whom ever we get because we just have to, or is it the job of a true leader to inspire people to get behind him because he has the vision to lead?

    At some point, our party “leaders” have to realize that sucking less than the other guy running is not terribly inspiring.

  • Gary Gross says:

    At some point, our party “leaders” have to realize that sucking less than the other guy running is not terribly inspiring.


    I’d also add that it’s OUR party, not their’s. It’s our responsibility to rebuild it right.

    There’s an old saying that goes like this:

    When the American people want something long enough & express that want loudly enough, eventually the ‘leaders’ will follow.

    In other words, it’s our responsibility to tell the so-called leaders what’s most important to us.

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