It’s pretty clear that the Democrats’ urban agenda isn’t that appealing. That’s because the Democrats’ agenda thus far has been to let rioters burn minority-owned businesses. Democrats have failed to protect people, whether they’re living in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Minneapolis or Detroit.

If that isn’t enough, major Democrat cities like Los Angeles and Minneapolis have announced that they’re either boarding up their police department (Minneapolis) or cutting the police budget by $150,000,000 (Los Angeles). They’re essentially telling businesses that they won’t protect businesses, whether they’re minority-owned businesses or major corporations like the New York Macys.

The Democrats’ agenda isn’t about uniting people. It’s difficult picturing the Democrats’ agenda of appeasing the far-left and the criminal left as working in battleground states. That’s especially true in the suburbs. Security moms won’t vote for people who won’t protect their families. You can virtually hear the firearms flying off the shelves as single moms realize that Democrats won’t protect their homes.

Bit-by-bit, the mask is getting ripped off the Democrats image towards minorities. It’s been Democrats that didn’t protect minority neighborhoods. Democrats didn’t protect minority-owned businesses.

We’re told that there’s systemic racism everywhere we turn in the U.S. What’s systemic is the failure of Democrat policies. Democrats have insisted that all solutions flow from Washington, DC. That’s BS. One-size-fits-all policies aren’t solutions. They’re the problem. Accountability isn’t a feature of one-size-fits-all policies.

Then again, having idiots like Keith and Jeremiah Ellison proposing policies that strip protections from minority neighborhoods isn’t what’s needed, either. Eliminating the police who protect citizens is just plain stupid. If competence were a job requirement, most Democrats would be out of a job.

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