Saying that St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter’s national moment didn’t go well is understatement. Appearing on The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino, Carter was asked about the breaking news that Minnesota AG Keith Ellison had just announced that he had increased the charge on Derek Chauvin from third-degree murder to second-degree murder. Ellison also announced the arrest of 3 of Chauvin’s colleagues.

Carter started by saying “I think that’s absolutely critical. Everybody knows that the basic job of a police officer is to help when people are hurting and so when we look at this video and see Officer Chauvin committing this gross atrocity against humanity against George Floyd…” Let’s get serious, Mayor Carter. The primary function of a police officer is to protect the public. Period. If you want to help people who are hurting, join the Peace Corp. The job of law enforcement is … to enforce laws.

The primary reason why governments exist is to protect people. If neighborhoods are pillaged, stores are looted and people are too afraid to venture outside, then that isn’t a society.

Here is Sen. Klobuchar’s tweet about the upping of charges:

I’m tired of letting Democrats off the hook because they’re (supposedly) well-intentioned. I don’t give a damn anymore. Democrats, especially here in Minnesota, have turned a blind eye toward the activist/agitator wing of their party. The DFL needs to stop thinking first about how to acquire more political power and start worrying about doing the right thing first. Remember this: the DFL will always do the right thing — when it’s the only option left.

This breaks my heart:

It’s time for Melvin Carter to figure out what the role of government is. The primary function of government is to protect its citizens. Apparently, they didn’t teach that in college.

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  • J. Ewing says:

    Somebody pointed out that the problem here is black community’s distrust of the police and the belief there is “systemic racism” in the way they are treated generally. They also point out that Democrats have been promising to “fix it” since forever, and that they have been IN POWER in Minneapolis for all that time. Are they hypocrites, fools, or just idiots?

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