According to this post, John Hinderaker will call for Ryan Winkler to resign entirely from the Minnesota House of Representatives. Mr. Hinderaker is the president of the Center for the American Experiment. Winkler has been the House Majority Leader since the start of the 2019 session. This weekend, Winkler returned to his race-baiting ways, accusing Bogdan Vechirko of driving his tanker truck into a crowd of protesters on one of the I-35W bridges. Here’s a tweet showing the truck on the bridge:

Thank God those protesters didn’t get hurt. Winkler’s tweet was intentionally incendiary and inaccurate. Here’s a screen shot of the tweet:

Here’s what’s left of that tweet on Winkler’s timeline:

Here’s the text of Mr. Hinderaker’s statement, which will be released tomorrow:

For Immediate Release:
June 3, 2020
Media Contact:
Katie Fulkerson, 812-369-1751

Rep. Ryan Winkler’s long history of deceitful, divisive behavior

(Golden Valley, MN) – In response to House Majority Leader Ryan Winkler’s (DFL-Golden Valley) lie that a white supremacist intentionally tried to murder peaceful protestors on Sunday, John Hinderaker released the following statement:

“DFL House Majority Leader Ryan Winkler has a long history of deceitful, divisive behavior. His conduct is contrary to Minnesota values and the last thing we need in a legislative leader. Rep. Winkler is unfit for office and should resign.”

In 2013, Rep. Winkler tweeted a racial slur against the only black member of the U.S. Supreme Court, Justice Clarence Thomas. In April, he was caught on video giving the middle finger to a Republican senator during a press conference. On Sunday, he slandered a hardworking, immigrant truck driver on Twitter, calling him a white supremacist who intentionally set out to murder peaceful protestors. Sunday’s comment was retweeted hundreds of times before Winkler deleted it.

When Winkler tweeted the racial slur, aimed at Justice Clarence Thomas, Winkler tried explaining it this way:

“I did not understand ‘Uncle Tom’ as a racist term, and there seems to be some debate about it. I do apologize for it, however,” he said.

That’s BS. Winkler graduated from Harvard with a degree in history. What are the odds that a history major at Harvard wouldn’t understand that the term Uncle Thomas was a racial slur?

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