The minute this news broke, Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s vice presidential unofficially ended. It likely ends her chances of becoming a Supreme Court justice. It likely ends her chances of being the U.S. Attorney General. Senator will be her highest rank.

If you’re wondering what the news is that brought Sen. Klobuchar down, here it is. “The Floyd case has put the national spotlight back on Klobuchar’s days as a prosecutor, particularly as it became clear Derek Chauvin, the officer involved in Floyd’s death, was involved in the death of another citizen while Klobuchar was prosecutor. Chauvin was one of six officers who fired on and killed Wayne Reyes in 2006 after Reyes reportedly aimed a shotgun at police after stabbing his friend and girlfriend. While the death happened during Klobuchar’s tenure at the helm of the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office, the case did not go to a grand jury until after she left the office and became a senator. Klobuchar did not criminally charge other police involved in the more than two dozen officer-involved fatalities that occurred during her time as prosecutor. She left those decisions to a grand jury, a practice that was common at the time.”

That didn’t appear in the Strib’s article until the 10th paragraph. By comparison, the Washington Examiner made that information the lede in their article:

Outrage over the Minneapolis police killing of black man George Floyd is sinking Amy Klobuchar’s stock as a potential vice presidential pick for Joe Biden.

Then there’s this:

Some of Klobuchar’s harshest critics engage in messy criticism by saying that when she was the Hennepin County attorney, she did not prosecute one of the now-fired officers involved in the Floyd killing, Derick Chauvin, when he was involved in an October 2006 police shooting. A Klobuchar spokeswoman noted that the indecent occurred near the end of her term, just before she joined the Senate in 2007. In 2008, a grand jury declined to charge the officers involved with wrongdoing.

Huffington Post put it in the harshest tones:

Kenza Hadj-Moussa, a spokeswoman for the progressive group Take Action Minnesota said Klobuchar’s actions as a prosecutor “caused trauma that’s been long lasting.” “With everything that’s happened in Minneapolis and across the country,” she said, Klobuchar would put Biden at even more of a “disadvantage” politically.

If this was just up to Biden, he’d probably still consider Sen. Klobuchar. With African-Americans making demands of him, this eliminates Sen. Klobuchar. Then there’s this:

It’s time to run Sen. Klobuchar out of office. She failed as a prosecutor. She’s failing as a senator. Most importantly, Sen. Klobuchar’s attitude towards violent police officers is cavalier at best.

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