If anyone wondered whether Democrats would sink into the mud this presidential election, that question has been answered. Consider this article to be the first proof that Democrats plan on running a scorched earth campaign.

It starts by saying “Tim O’Brien, a former campaign aide for Mike Bloomberg and a Bloomberg opinion writer, is coming under fire for posting side-by-side photos of Joe Biden at a war memorial on Memorial Day and a photo of President Trump golfing on a different day with the caption, ‘Different approaches to Memorial Day.'” What a total cheapshot by Mr. O’Brien. That’s how you start a scorched earth campaign.

Democrats are starting things off with a flourish of diatribes. If Democrats, starting with O’Brien, think that this will fire up Biden’s base, they’d better consider the likelihood that O’Brien’s lie will fire up President Trump’s supporters more. President Trump’s supporters have shown that they’re fired up.

The special elections 2 weeks ago in Wisconsin and California were the first signal that Trump’s Troops were fired up. The city council meetings in Virginia were the next signal that Trump’s Troops are fired up. The Democrats’ scorched earth campaign won’t help with independent voters. Then again, keeping states locked down won’t help Democrats either.

President Trump didn’t disrespect our fallen heroes. Democrats did that by suggesting that President Trump didn’t attend the traditional Memorial Day ceremonies. In fact, President Trump’s time in office is littered with how he’s honored the military. He’s helped get vets the medical care they’ve earned. He’s rebuilt the military, too. He’s negotiated with our enemies to prevent wars.

Democrats seem intent on throwing mud at President Trump because they can’t compete with President Trump’s accomplishments. Now they’re afraid that President Trump’s policies will restart the great Trump economy of the first 3 years. This isn’t surprising. That’s what desperate people do.

3 Responses to “The Democrats’ mudslinging starts”

  • eric z says:

    It is amazing he can golf at all, with disabling bone spurs.

  • eric z says:

    Gary, isn’t it a fact Trump did golf instead of honoring war dead? Yes/no? Or did he do a pro forma thing, a tweet or something, and then golf?

    Photos aside, where is truth?


    Whenever the lead photo on that item, not Bloomberg’s outlet, shows the skill to get into the tall rough. And it shows him obese.

    Spin Doctor Gross? Jumping Biden for taking the black vote for granted, that’s fair criticism. The inner party Dems do that all the time with progressives too. But this post overreaches.

  • Gary Gross says:

    That answer is NO!!! He went golfing over the weekend, not on Memorial Day. On Memorial Day, he visited Arlington in the morning, then visited Fort Baltimore, which honors the memory of Francis Scott Key, the man who wrote the Star Spangled Banner in the afternoon. I’d consider those activities as honoring the men & women who paid the ultimate sacrifice. I don’t know how you’d consider those activities anything except honoring those that paid the ultimate price.

    Further, President Trump is overweight, not obese. The definition of obese is “very fat or overweight; corpulent.” That doesn’t accurately describe President Trump. Trusting Pelosi’s language towards President Trump is foolish. She’s the personification of a bitch. I’d applaud the person that threw her in a wood-chipper.

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