Here in Minnesota, a rebellion is starting to take shape. While Gov. Walz won’t admit it, it’s happening. Jeremy Olson’s article highlights the beginnings of a rebellion:

A cohesive COVID-19 response that Gov. Tim Walz has described as the envy of the nation showed signs of cracking Thursday as organizations threatened to defy the governor’s remaining state lockdown restrictions. Even as the state’s one-day death toll reached a single-day high, backlash continued to the governor’s decision Wednesday to allow only outdoor bar and restaurant services to reopen June 1, to delay campground reopenings until after Memorial Day weekend, and to limit indoor and outdoor religious services to 10 people.

“Arbitrarily forcing restaurants to remain closed through the Memorial Day weekend is a crushing blow,” said Mikael Asp, owner of La Grolla restaurant in St. Paul, who wanted the governor to OK indoor restaurant service at 50% capacity.

This weekend is typically the start of camping season and BBQ season. It’s also the unofficial start of summer. Further, there’s no reason why Gov. Walz shouldn’t modify his rules to open campgrounds by telling campers that they have to obey social distancing rules.

Time after time, Gov. Walz has opted for the most restrictive set of rules possible. That’s led people to question whether he’s incapable of figuring out and implementing nuanced policies. The jury is still out on that question.

“Governor Walz continues to ignore the creative, thoughtful and safe reopening plans that small business owners have developed,” Rep. Dave Baker, R-Willmar, said Thursday at a news conference unrelated to the recall.

Thinking that Gov. Walz, or any Democrat for that matter, will get creative is like expecting blood from a turnip. It’s like expecting gravity not to work. Good luck with that.

In the segment, Randy Shaver illustrated some thinking that’s foreign to Gov. Walz and the DFL. The reporter talked about how some wanted to attend mass in person while others didn’t feel safe. Still others thought that drive-in mass might be best. Shaver pointed out that it’s possible to do all 3 simultaneously. That’s what people who reject the prison-of-two-ideas policy-making method do. Expecting that type of thinking from Gov. Walz is like expecting gravity not to work. Good luck with that.

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