Gov. Gretchen ‘the Witch’ Whitmer is a vindictive person. The latest proof of that came this weekend when “state regulators opted to suspend [Karl] Manke’s barber and shop licenses.” Manke’s offense? Suing Gov. Whitmer for her overly restrictive executive order and winning.

After the state suspended Manke’s license, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said “It is paramount that we take action to protect the public and do our part to help save lives.” David Kallman, Mr. Manke’s attorney, replied “I think it’s totally vindictive. It’s petty, it’s totally in retribution because they didn’t like the court order from earlier this week.” Here’s the good news:

Manke is still able to cut hair until the suspension is served; it had not reached the barber’s hands as of Wednesday afternoon, the paper reported. He can ask for an immediate hearing with an administrative law judge at the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs to fight the order.

Here’s the best news: because Mr. Manke is following the CDC’s guidelines on social distancing, wearing face masks, etc., it’s likely that he’ll win his appeal. It’s difficult to picture Mr. Manke’s attorney opting for the administrative law judge hearing. It isn’t difficult picturing him filing for a TRO in a real court where appeals are allowed.

Each step of the way, Gov. Whitmer, a Democrat campaigning to be VP Biden’s running mate, has overstepped her constitutional limits:

Speaking to Fox News on Sunday, Manke said: “Obviously she [Whitmer] has no concept at all, the damage that she’s doing to our state and to families.” His defiance attracted the attention of Michiganders from across the state who drove hours to support Manke at his shop, some even getting haircuts.

It isn’t like Gov. Whitmer cares about people. She’s destroying Blue Collar Michigan’s jobs. Gov. Whitmer’s EOs have been draconian. The evidence is piling up against Gov. Whitmer:

Thus far, the states that’ve been most aggressive in reopening their economies haven’t seen the spikes that were predicted. Those smaller states that’ve seen hotspots develop quickly implemented plans that will limit the spread of COVID. It isn’t a matter of whether there will be outbreaks. It’s a matter of whether those societies can mitigate the spread and limit the damage. The answer to that is yes. The spread can be quickly stopped as long as you don’t send COVID patients into nursing homes:

Nursing homes are also required to readmit residents with COVID-19, which has been a source of contention between the state and nursing homes. Stephen Hanse, president and CEO of the New York State Health Facilities Association, told The Citizen last week that there have been concerns since the March 25 advisory from the state Department of Health.

These Democrat governors have been downright stupid. That applies to Gov. Whitmer and Gov. Cuomo.

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