When Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp reopened Georgia’s economy on April 24, pundits galore criticized him. Kemp was even criticized by President Trump and Sean Hannity. Almost a month later, those pundits are lucky that they aren’t dining on crow.

On April 20, former journalist Ron Fournier urged readers on Twitter to “mark this day” and wrote that “two and three weeks from now, the Georgia death toll is blood on [Kemp’s] hands.”

Fournier isn’t the only pundit eating crow:

“Atlantic” writer Amanda Mull claimed Georgia was engaging in “an experiment in human sacrifice,” while numerous pundits and public officials insisted that the state would soon see a skyrocketing body count due to a second wave of the disease.

It’s time to admit that letting people back outside while insisting on proper social distancing is the fastest path to economic recovery. Gretchen “the Witch’ Whitmer’s orders aren’t working. DFL Gov. Tim Walz’s plan wasn’t working in Minnesota. Now he’s been forced into reversing himself and reopening. J.B. Pritzker’s restrictions haven’t helped Illinois reopen.

By comparison, Georgia and Florida are bright shining examples of Republican governors’ successes. This headline wasn’t unusual at the time:

Coronavirus is ravaging New York, and Florida could be next. Are we ready?

Gov. DeSantis implemented a plan that a) focused on protecting the elderly first, b) didn’t shut down Florida’s economy and c) let people get outside while employing proper social distancing. This should be the blueprint for the entire nation. Pundits ridiculed the Department of Homeland Security when DHS announced that COVID germs died much faster when exposed to sunlight. Those discredited pundits aren’t laughing anymore.

The other thing that needs to be highlighted is the fact that Democrat governors haven’t done their jobs. In Pennsylvania, Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf won’t let rural counties open even though the only deaths in those counties happened in LTC facilities. It’s like these Democrats are intentionally attempting to keep the economy struggling as much as possible. It’s like the Democrats are taking their marching orders from Bill Maher:

Democrats must think that they can get away with cheering for a painful recession. That won’t work. Cheering against the US is unpatriotic and won’t work. This article highlights the difference between Andrew Cuomo, who got tons of great press, and Ron DeSantis, who got criticized for breathing:

“The death rate in Florida is about three per 100,000. In New York state it’s 27.5 per 100,000. So, [that’s] nine times worse,” he added. “Absolutely tragic [and] totally, totally unnecessary!”

Cuomo failed his constituents. Ditto with Gretchen Whitmer. That’s what happens when you elect incompetent Democrats. Meanwhile, when you elect competent Republicans like DeSantis, South Dakota’s Kristi Noem, Georgia’s Brian Kemp and Iowa’s Kim Reynolds, you have better outcomes.

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