Based on the HEROES Act, it’s apparent that Nancy Pelosi’s highest priorities are paying off progressive special interest groups and gaining power. Senate Republicans should offer a delete-all amendment to the bill when it gets to the Senate. In fact, they should send the bill to the proper committees of jurisdiction for a proper mark-up.

In that mark-up, they should strip out provisions that would send money to lobbying organizations. Fox Business Network’s David Asman pointed to a provision in the Democrats’ bill that would spend money “on 501(c)(6) organizations with less than 300 employees.” Asman then noted that many lobbying firms are registered as 501(c)(6) organizations. Then he noted that none of those organizations have 300 or more employees.

Later, Asman pointed out that the HEROES Act has money in it for “associations that represent associations.” There’s a provision in the Democrats’ HEROES Act that would give the federal government control of federal elections while taking that authority away from local governments. That’s the first step to making mail-in ballots the law of the land.

These are just some of the disgusting provisions in the Democrats’ bailout bill.

Pelosi noted that governors across the country are “planning their budgets,” and could be forced to “cut services and/or raise taxes.” “The Congress of the United States must honor its responsibility to the American people to lessen the blow of the coronavirus by making the serious investment of The Heroes Act to our state, local, tribal and territorial governments,” she wrote. “The plan that we are voting on today will make a tremendous difference not only in the budgets of the states but in the lives of the American people: their public health, the education of our children, the sanitation so important to defeating the virus, with the support of so many essential workers.”

It would bail out public employee unions pension funds. No thanks with that. The Democrats’ bill would spend money on local government aid, aka LGA. That doesn’t buy down property taxes, like Democrats in Minnesota dishonestly insist. Instead, that money is used to pay for stupid things like artistic drinking fountains. (Minneapolis did that about a decade ago. Back then, they spent $500,000 on 8 artistic drinking fountains.)

Those cities have spent money on other idiotic things, too. Minneapolis cut police officers and firefighters but bragged about keeping their bike trail coordinator on the payroll. Rather than spending money foolishly on these types of things, We The People should force cities and counties to spend money on core functions first before allowing them to spend a penny on artistic drinking fountains and bike trail coordinators. If they have to change their charter to tie the hands of their city councilmembers, that’s fine. I’m totally ok with We The People micromanaging city government. About 7 minutes into this video, Kellyanne Conway positively torches Pelosi:

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