It’s long past time for the US to reopen the economy. Dr. Scott Atlas has spoken out against keeping people shut down repeatedly. His logic makes the most sense of any doctor I’ve heard. Saturday night, he said “There should be no fear and panic anymore. We know that. We know who the virus impacts. We know who to protect. And frankly, it’s the same people we should have known from day one, because every third year medical student in the country would have been able to identify that older people with chronic underlying diseases like kidney failure, diabetes, heart failure and people who are immunocompromised are the people to protect instead of just locking down society in a broad, blunt way.”

I wish Dr. Atlas would fax this information to Gov. Walz ASAP. Gov. Walz hasn’t figured it out yet. He’s still pretty much in ‘Chicken Little” mode. In today’s update, Minnesotans are told to take a defensive posture towards COVID-19. In this interview, Dr. Atlas highlights all the different treatments that haven’t happened as a result of statewide shutdowns:

Do we really want to deprive people of vaccinations, biopsies, cancer treatments, etc. just to stop COVID? That’s the price the vulnerable have paid for these Democrats’ one-size-fits-all strategies. Do we really think that COVID is that much of a life-threatening virus amongst healthy people? It isn’t right to think of COVID as a trivial matter but it isn’t as threatening as the MSM, which is filled with Democrats, have portrayed it, either.

Thus far, Republican governors haven’t adopted one-size-fits-all strategies, with the possible exception of Ohio’s Mike DeWine. That’s the purview of the Democrat governors. (Think Walz, Whitmer and J.B. Pritzker.) It’s time we got our swagger back. That being said, that swagger, just like after 9/11, doesn’t return in the blink of an eyelash. It returns a bit at a time.

It requires paying attention to the CDC’s guidelines. It doesn’t require paying attention to the draconian orders of governors like Pritzker, Walz and Whitmer. Those orders don’t make any sense. This doesn’t, either:

Pritzker is an idiot. His order is filled with contradictory items.

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