Melissa Kolstad is just a shopkeeper in St. Joseph, MN. Tim Walz is the governor (emperor?) of Minnesota. Despite the mismatch, Kolstad intends on defying Gov. Walz’s stay-at-home order:

The BabyGirlz woman’s clothing boutique announced Monday on Facebook that it plans to be open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Thursday through Saturday. When it opened last week, an officer with the St. Joseph Police Department was sent to shut it down. Proprietor Melissa Kolstad said she respectfully complied at the time, but as of Wednesday morning her Facebook page still stated the store would follow those same hours starting Thursday.

“Open…. like a customer can walk in and look/buy??” asked a resident, via Facebook. Kolstad posted the response: “If you feel comfortable coming in, you are more than welcome. The door is unlocked. I am cleaning regularly, and I have a small store so I can easily control social distancing. The door will be propped open, so you don’t have to touch the handle, and I have hand sanitizer when you walk in the door, as well.”

Gov. Walz is confused by Kolstad’s actions:

Walz said many Minnesotans have voluntarily embraced the spirit of social distancing for the greater good. Still, he said, it’s tough to explain the benefit of business closures to those who have not been infected, in the same vein as it’s tough to explain beach closures to everyone who hasn’t drowned.

“I think most of us know, regardless if it’s speeding laws or moving up to other things, social compliance is the idea that (our) actions don’t only impact ourselves, they impact others,” Walz said at a news conference this week.

It’s difficult to explain the benefit of business closures when a) the businesses are following the CDC’s guidelines and b) the shopkeepers need to feed their families. It escapes Gov. Walz why businesses put feeding their families ahead of “the greater good.” It’s difficult, too, because Gov. Walz hasn’t defined what the greater good is.

Instead, he’s shifted the goals multiple times without explaining why they’re important. A leader establishes easily understood goals that people quickly agree with. Gov. Walz didn’t do that.

Instead, he cited a model put together by the U of M and the Minnesota Department of Health that was criticized virtually immediately. Then Gov. Walz issued an ultimatum, saying that our options were limited to no mitigation, which would lead to 74,000 Minnesotans dying from COVID-19, or shelter-in-place, which would lead to ‘only’ 50,000 Minnesotans dying. As of this morning, 485 Minnesotans have died from COVID-19. This article highlights a disturbing trend:

More than three-fourths of the newly reported deaths involved elderly residents of long-term care facilities, which have become an increasing focus of state COVID-19 testing and response efforts. The state on Wednesday morning reported that one death involved a person in the 70s age range who was the spouse of a worker at the Jennie-0 turkey plant in Melrose. At least 11 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed among workers at the Melrose plant. The disclosure that the death involved a spouse was an error by state health officials, who normally don’t reveal such specific details and leave that to county agencies, companies or families.

Why hasn’t Gov. Walz prioritized protecting long-term care facilities from the start? The first mass fatalities happened in a nursing home in Kirkland, Washington.

I was told by the Minnesota Department of Health, aka MDH, that protecting the elderly was their highest priority. If that’s true, then MDH has failed miserably. Meanwhile, Minnesota’s economy keeps tanking:

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  • Rex newman says:

    It’s encouraging to see the nearly total public support for these upstarts. So is the scorn their tyrants and tyrantistas are getting.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Amen, Rex!!! I recall (at least, I think I recall) a George Will column in which he wrote “When the people want something badly enough & they scream for it loud enough & long enough, sooner or later, the leaders will follow. It’s time to get hoarse!!!

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