The DFL, using its favorite mouthpiece, aka the Star Tribune, is trying to paint a rosy picture in this article. It opens by saying “Hundreds of Minnesotans were released from COVID-19 quarantine over the weekend as wider testing discovers more cases that aren’t ending in death or serious illness.”

It’s good news that these COVID patients survived without “serious illness.” Still, there were 24 COVID deaths reported Sunday, the vast majority of whom were living in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Here’s the breakdown of COVID-related deaths by age group:

Again I ask, why shut the entire state’s economy when 90+ percent of the fatalities are people who live in nursing homes and assisted living facilities? That’s as foolish as putting out extra highway patrols to cut down on drownings. It makes sense to focus the resources where the biggest problems exist. Right now, the biggest problems aren’t with healthy 20-somethings to 50-somethings.

This doesn’t require a rocket scientist to figure out, though it might require Republican to figure it out. Thus far, the DFL certainly hasn’t figured it out. The DFL, especially Gov. Walz, has talked about public-private partnerships, increasing testing, etc. They haven’t said a thing about what they’ve done to fix our nursing home-assisted living crisis.

That’s the real crisis. Why hasn’t the DFL fixed the real COVID crisis? If you’re the leader of the entire state, perform like it. Thus far, Gov. Walz and the DFL haven’t performed like it.

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  • eric z says:

    Both parties and the press are full of liars, Gary. I can still go to the market and get food, so what matters is not shut down. Aside from toilet paper and rubbing alcohol hoarding, by absolute idiots, things are okay.

    You should be writing about Trudeau, after a mass shooting, doing something. Something which does lessen the ability to confront police state action, but really, the people allowed to parade around carrying weapons are not our best or brightest. But they are allowed, and it is curious that other forms of real instead of staged protest are put down with militarized police. Everyone should worry about that. DC is a cesspool, as Mark Dayton said after a single Senate term.

    Neither of the two parties has merit. They’re owned. We both know that, Gary. It’s bullshit to say otherwise. Your guy Bloomberg, all that wealth and all, is a menace. We both know that, Gary.

  • Gary Gross says:

    What the bleep are you talking about? The media is 90+ % Democrat. Last week, a ditzy reporter asked President Trump if he deserved to be re-elected if the Wuhan Virus killed more people than were killed in the Vietnam War? She asked whether President Trump should be fired because the Chinese knowingly unleashed a killer virus on the US.

    DC is a cesspool & Trump is doing his best to clean it up. Democrats have repeatedly shown that they want the Swamp to continue. Why give them the ability to protect the Swamp? That’s Adam Schiff’s & Nancy Pelosi’s main job. If you really cared about helping the little guy, you’d vote against Ilhan Omar & AOC. They’re as much a part of the Swamp as anyone. (How much has her new husband made from her nonexistent campaign thus far?)

    How much investigating did the DNC do when Karen Monahan accused Keith Ellison of physically abusing her? The party of women, my ass. Don’t get me started about the Swamp, Eric, because I’ll cite example after example of Democrat corruption.

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