It’s still too early to tell but today’s statistics give us reason to hope that we’re putting COVID-19 behind us in Minnesota. The article starts by saying “Minnesota reported 435 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Sunday and 24 deaths, but also a sharp rise in the number of people who have recovered and no longer need to be isolated. The number in isolation declined by 618 people, including the 24 who died. Even after removing those, Sunday saw the largest single-day increase in the people released from self-isolation since the earliest days of the pandemic in Minnesota.”

That’s a cheerful statistic from a releasing people from self-isolation standpoint. Still, it’s just one day. I’ll feel better after we’ve strung 3-5 days in a row together like that. This is worth looking into:

In Winona County, residents of the Sauer Health Care facility for skilled nursing and hospice services accounted for at least 14 of the county’s 15 deaths from COVID-19, Malcolm confirmed last week.

How do we know that those people didn’t die because of the disease they were in hospice for? Knowing that people with life-threatening illnesses are prone to catching COVID-19 isn’t news. If that’s news, then so is finding out that the sun rising in the east is news, too.

Besides age and underlying health conditions, residing a in group-living facility can be a risk factor. Just over 80 % of the fatalities in Minnesota have been residents of long-term care or assisted living facilities. Twenty-one of the 24 deaths reported Sunday occurred in long term care facilities.

What has Gov. Walz, Commissioner Malcolm and the DFL done to fortify nursing homes and assisted-living facilities? The DFL has complained about testing virtually every day. Testing has its place but it isn’t as important as protecting the elderly. Depending on the type of test, that tells you whether the person has the virus or whether the person has antibodies. What has the DFL done to protect vulnerable adults? If Gov. Walz wants to act like a monarch, then he’ll take the blame for decisions he made or should’ve made.

Republicans are willing to shoulder part of the responsibility for those decisions. Unfortunately, Gov. Walz, with protection from the DFL House, isn’t willing to relinquish those special emergency powers 2 months into this crisis.

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