Gov. Walz, Gov. Cuomo and other Democrats have hinted that people that want to reopen the economy are just simply greedy. Why haven’t reporters done any in-depth articles about how confinement costs families and individuals? Why haven’t the media taken seriously the trampling of constitutional rights? (That’s a rhetorical question. We know the answer.)

What we’ve figured out is that COVID-19 is deadly to those with serious underlying conditions and the elderly. We’ve figured out that healthy people that exercise proper restraint aren’t in a ton of danger. Is there some risk? Without a question. Are there things that can mitigate the effects of COVID-19? Without question.

This article highlights the Democrats’ thinking. Gov. Walz is a perfect example. Gov. Walz’s top priorities are eliminating public health risks, eliminating more public health risks and eliminating all public health risks. That’s impossible. Further, it isn’t wise from a mental health standpoint.

If they dare protest, if they demand to work and run their own lives, they’re condemned by mouthpieces of the left as a bunch of greedy fools Who Just Want People to Die.

The Democrats are committed to keeping you healthy even if it kills you or pushes you into bankruptcy. That’s what President Trump means when he talks about the cure being worse than the disease. It’s time to introduce Democrats to some principles that are foreign to them.

The first principle that’s foreign to today’s Democrats is the principle of balance. If there’s anything that Democrats are famous for, it’s the principle of not letting a crisis go to waste. While Pelosi fights for things that please her donor base, Blue Collar America fights to put food on the table:

Democrats haven’t figured out that lots of small businesses have to work hard even in the best of times. There’s a reason why it’s called “sweat equity.” To them, anyone making a profit is rich and evil. The truth is that big corporations hurt small businesses through regulations. Corporations use regulations to keep ‘the little guy’ down.

Another concept that’s foreign to Democrats is common sense. That’s especially true of Gov. Walz. Thus far, he’s imposed the same restrictions on Crow Wing County as he’s imposed on Hennepin County. He’s done that even though Crow Wing County is dotted with cabins and filled with hiking trails. Hennepin County is an urban jungle.

It’s time for Gov. Walz and the DFL to understand that one-size-fits-all policy-making usually fails. That would require a little humility and a healthy dose of common sense. Both character traits are in short supply within the DFL, at least within the leadership level.

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  • Chad Q says:

    States that want to open are greedy for wanting to get back to life and start filling their state treasuries with tax money so they don’t have to rely on the federal government. So what is NY when Cuomo is asking for federal bailout money because he and other democratic governors run their states so poorly? Double talking hypocrites. He claims NY is a giver not a taker but that is only on paper and not reality. These are the same people who tell the federal government they will do as they please and refuse to help stop the flow and actually encourage illegal immigration. If I’m Trump, I put caveat’s on any further money being distributed to states to bail them out. Maybe the federal government should take over part or all of that states as is the case with the airlines and the money they are getting.

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