I’m disappointed to find out that a majority of House Republicans voted to not include the roll call vote on Rep. Steve Drazkowski’s resolution that sought to end Gov. Walz’s peacetime emergency authorities. This is the video of the entire debate:

I’d pay particular attention to the speeches given by Rep. Tim Miller, (R-Prinsburg), and Rep. Cal Bahr, (R-E. Bethel). Included in Rep. Miller’s statement was him saying that “it’s time to get back to business. It’s time to get back to proper representation.” He talked about being governed by constitutions and laws and about the separation of powers.

Right now, Minnesota state government is the furthest thing from a constitutional republic as it’s ever been. At this point, Gov. Walz and the entire DFL have turned Minnesota into a DFL autocracy. Gov. Walz and the DFL won’t let the legislature speak to Gov. Walz’s mismanagement of this COVID crisis.

Unfortunately, Republicans provided political cover for the DFL by voting to keep the vote to suspend the rules for Rep. Drazkowski’s resolution out of the House Journal:


Drazkowski moved that the rules be so far suspended so that House Concurrent Resolution No. 8 be now considered and be placed upon its adoption. The motion did not prevail.

House Concurrent Resolution No. 8 was referred to the Committee on Rules and Legislative Administration.

What isn’t there is the denial of the vote to include the roll call vote into the House Journal. The roll call vote to suspend the rules by House Minority Leader Daudt for his resolution is included in the Journal. Why isn’t the roll call vote for Rep. Drazkowski’s resolution in the Journal? The vote on Rep. Drazkowski’s motion was taken. Unfortunately, Republicans didn’t fight for transparency for that motion. They only voted for transparency for Rep. Daudt’s motion.

While I’m upset with the Republicans’ actions, I’m thoroughly pissed with the DFL. Twice, the entire DFL voted to keep governing authority in Gov. Walz’s incapable hands. Even if he was talented and making great decisions (which he isn’t), I wouldn’t hesitate to vote to take autocratic authority away from him. The fact that the DFL twice unanimously voted to afford Gov. Walz with autocratic authority is infuriating.

There’s no right time to give a governor extended amounts of autocratic authority. That law must be changed ASAP. It’s one thing to give a governor the right to act unilaterally for short periods of time. It’s never right to extend that authority repeatedly.

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