Apparently, Nancy Pelosi isn’t interested in doing the right thing for Blue Collar America. Apparently, Pelosi is just interested in telling whoppers and criticizing President Trump with those whoppers. Her appearance on Fox News Sunday turned into a full-fledged negative campaign ad against President Trump.

The first question she was asked was about how long she was prepared to hold out on funding PPP. Pelosi replied “Well, I think we’re on a very good path. First of all, I support the CARES Act. We’re very pleased to be able to turn it from a corporate, trickle down bill to a worker’s first bubble up and support the PPP, the Paycheck Protection Program in there.” What type of BS is she spinning? President Trump, from Day One, wanted all workers to be protected. Now she’s insisting that Democrats who dragged Republicans kicking and screaming to the table? Pelosi is a liar. She’s holding Blue Collar America hostage while the PPP sits empty. You can’t be Blue Collar America’s hero while you deprive them of paychecks.

Further, when the PPP was first created, Pelosi wasn’t even in DC. She was in her San Francisco mansion eating her $12-per-half-pint ice cream. Nothing says ‘I love Blue Collar America’ like eating expensive ice cream while workers go without paychecks.

And so as they have committed the money that is there, we want to add more money there. It is very urgent though that we support our — our police and fire, our healthcare workers, our nurses, our teachers and that’s what the state and local government is about is meeting the needs of the coronavirus. And everything that we’re doing is about the corona virus, understand that. We’re not going afield on any other thing.

Still, no mention of funding the PPP during the interview. Does Pelosi really think that President Trump will say no to helping out firefighters, the police, etc.? If Pelosi’s Democrats think that, then they’re too stupid to run committees. If legitimate sensible Democrats still exist, they need to challenge Pelosi. We’ve been told that Tim Ryan is a centrist Democrat. Where’s he in this fight? We’re told that Seth Moulton is a centrist Democrat. Where is he in all this? Ryan and Moulton both ran for president so they’ve got supporters. Ryan is said to be a blue collar guy. Prove it. Pelosi isn’t helping Blue Collar America.

If Democrats won’t stand up to Pelosi, then centrist Democrats don’t exist anymore. If that’s the case, then it’s time to throw the socialists out in November.

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