When Chuck Schumer shut down the government for a weekend, he suffered a political backlash that likely cost him the Senate majority. It was one of the dumbest political stunts in political history. (Read more about it here.) As bad as Schumer’s Shutdown was for Senate Democrats, Pelosi’s Payroll Protection Program, aka PPP, will make Schumer’s Shutdown seem like a little turbulence.

When the SBA account ran dry Thursday afternoon, Pelosi took to TV to brag about shutting down those businesses. When she was asked on C-SPAN why she let the PPP run out of money, she stuttered:

Here is Pelosi bragging that Democrats shut down small businesses nationwide:

How tone-deaf is Pelosi? It’s possible that she’s the most tone-deaf politician in U.S. history. After watching this, wouldn’t you agree?

Middle class families’ lives hang in the balance and she’s playing Marie Antoinette. How heartless is she? How spineless are Democrats like Debbie Dingell, Adam Schiff, Dean Phillips and Angie Craig? Thursday afternoon, Craig said that she’s working hard after hearing that the PPP ran out of money. Apparently, Craig didn’t think that criticizing Pelosi for letting the fund dry up was her responsibility. Then again, Phillips is MIA on this. How’s that fit into his resume of being a vital part of the Problem Solvers Caucus? Phillips has been MIA within the Problem Solvers Caucus, too.

Pelosi just ate the economic downturn by shafting small businesses and their employees. It isn’t likely that they’ll let Pelosi or Democrats off the hook for that decision. Further, voters shouldn’t let Democrats off the hook for not listening to Main Street.

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