In the fight over what’s the right strategy to fight the COVID-19 virus while not destroying Minnesota’s economy, Gov. Tim Walz apparently has adopted a policy of killing small town businesses while restricting people who are following the CDC’s guidelines. Increasingly, Gov. Walz is coming under attack for his irrational policies. Scott Jensen, John Hoffman and Jim Abeler criticized Gov. Walz’s decisions in this op-ed:

A small insurance company in Anoka is open, since it provides financial services. Next to it, a hair salon with a single chair is shuttered by executive order. The insurance agency will be able to pay its rent and property tax on a home. The hair stylist with the salon may never open again.

If Gov. Walz and the DFL have a coherent strategy of fighting a two-front war against COVID-19, it’s difficult to detect.

Thus far, Gov. Walz has tried painting this as purely a medical decision. The DFL should know better than that. What’s required is keeping Minnesotans healthy and not destroying Minnesota’s economy. Thus far, the DFL, led by Gov. Walz, has failed at not destroying Minnesota’s economy. Sen. Abeler’s example in Anoka shows the incoherence of Gov. Walz’s policies. (It’s impossible for me to call it a strategy.)

Enter Tina Smith to the conversation:

“We shouldn’t be looking at this as a choice between our health and our economy,” said Smith, who was appointed to the Senate at the beginning of 2018 to serve out the term of former Sen. Al Franken. “Without our health, we’re going to not have a functioning economy.”

That’s a strawman argument if ever I saw one. At this point, the DFL, led by Gov. Walz and Sen. Smith, have pretended that it’s all about people’s health. Gov. Walz has even talked about saving lives over saving businesses. That sounds great in the abstract but it looks significantly different in real life when real people lose their life savings or their business collapses because of Gov. Walz’s or Sen. Smith’s decisions.

Minnesotans have done a fantastic job of following the CDC’s guidelines. We’ve seen that other states have had success when they’ve followed the CDC’s guidelines. Gov. Walz essentially insists that COVID-19 isn’t reacting the same way in Minnesota as it is in New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Louisiana or Illinoi. Why should I trust Gov. Walz’s thinking?

The only person who sounds coherent in this is Jason Lewis. Democrats sound incoherent and scatterbrained. In a crisis, we can’t afford scatterbrained. This townhall audio highlights Dean Phillips’ and Tina Smith’s COVID-19 priorities:

It’s clear that Phillips’ and Smith’s highest priority is health. The economy is an afterthought. Because Minnesotans did a great job following the CDC’s guidelines, Minnesota’s medical resources are in great shape. We aren’t even close to running short.

5 Responses to “Are we overwhelming Minnesota’s medical resources?”

  • eric z says:

    Is it fair of you to link to Abeler, to the talk show host, and not give any link to Tina Smith? Some might view that as partisanship.

  • Gary Gross says:

    The op-ed was written by Abeler, Hoffman & Jensen. The talk show host didn’t have anything to do with the op-ed. Ditto with Tina Smith.

  • John Palmer says:

    I’ll know the DFL really cares about the health and well being of humanity when they stop the inhuman practice of abortion. Many more lives are lost to abortion to any of the viral related illness.

  • eric z says:

    I’ll know the GOP holds real Christians when they turn the other cheek.

  • Chad Q says:

    Not sure what you’re talking about Eric as it makes no sense. But I guess if I try to follow your sentence, you think Christians should just sit back and take whatever the evil progressive left can dream up and dish out and be thankful for it? You are sadly mistaken.

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