Whatever happened to Gov. Tim Walz’s One Minnesota that he campaigned on? Apparently, Gov. Walz is under the illusion that we’re united behind his mitigation plan for the COVID-19 virus. That’s the only conclusion I could reach from this tweet:

Minnesota small businesses aren’t united behind Gov. Walz’s mitigation plan. House and Senate Republicans definitely aren’t united behind Gov. Walz. Kevin Roche has written a blistering attack against Gov. Walz. In that article, Roche wrote this:

What the modelers did do that is very useful, is to run various mitigation strategy scenarios. That is exactly the approach that should be taken. How else do you know what the relative benefits and harms will be of whatever set of mitigation of spread tactics you adopt. And please, look at the PowerPoint slides and note that you get basically the exact same number of deaths regardless of the mitigation strategy. My favored approach, use basic mitigation for the bulk of the population, but isolate the at-risk groups, has the same outcome as making everyone stay at home.

This was posted to show Gov. Walz’s table for determining which stores should be shut which can stay open:

This shows the IHME prediction for Minnesota:

The IHME model is predicting approximately 450 COVID-related deaths. The U of M model predicts 22,000 COVID-19-related deaths in Minnesota. Why is a tax preparing shop in Anoka considered safe but a 1-station beauty salon right next door is shut down? Why is a Walmart store considered safe but a Piggly Wiggly considered unsafe?

Gov. Walz has driven Minnesota’s economy into the dirt with his foolish decisions. He’s never paid a price for his terrible decisions. That’s what happens when you hold a government job. What’s required for Minnesota to prosper is someone with private sector experience. That’s something that Tim Walz doesn’t have. Let’s change that the next time he’s up for re-election.

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