Supposedly, following the experts is the safest path for politicians. I say supposedly because the ‘experts’ are wrong so often that I consider following them to be just as foolish as trusting conventional wisdom. FYI- trusting conventional wisdom is exceptionally foolish.

Gov. Walz is considered a trustworthy person, mostly because he’s been a public figure for a lengthy period of time. Joe Biden is considered a moderate because, other than his gaffes, he’d been a moderate until he met Barack Obama. While Gov. Walz isn’t as buffoonish as Biden, there’s little that he’s gotten right in his political career.

Biden and Walz benefit from the fact that they’re both Democrats. That automatically means that they’re protected from scrutiny. Recently, Biden admitted that President Trump’s decision to halt travel with China was the right decision. The MSM didn’t criticize him even though he’d originally called President Trump a racist and a xenophobe:

President Trump got criticized mercilessly for his decision. Dr. Fauci eventually insisted that he’d made the right decision. Few people disagree anymore — including VP Biden.

The ‘experts’, starting with Nancy Pelosi, howl each time President Trump talks about opening the economy. Here’s a question for the so-called experts. When is the right time to bring people back to work? What needs to happen before it’s safe to open the factories, restaurants, grocery stores and hardware stores? Here’s a question for Gov. Walz: why is it ok to let a tax preparer in Anoka do business but a hair salon right next door sit empty? Why can a Walmart be open for grocery shopping but Piggly Wiggly be subject to Gov. Walz’s EO?

In this video, VP Biden positively touts the World Health Organization, aka the W.H.O.:

That’s another set of experts that Democrats frequently tout. They’re just China’s puppets. They’re as corrupt as the Chinese. They say whatever China tells them to say.

President Trump is a leader. Yes, he takes tons of criticism from ‘experts’ like the W.H.O., Nancy Pelosi and Sleepy Joe Biden but his decisions have mostly been right the first time. You can’t say that about Biden or Pelosi.

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