It’s time for Tim Walz to start making smart decisions. Right now, that isn’t happening. This op-ed, written by Senators Jim Abeler, John Hoffman and Scott Jensen is a little outdated but it’s essential reading, especially for Gov. Walz and Jan Malcolm, Gov. Walz’s Health commissioner. That’s who it’s written to.

In the article, Abeler, Hoffman and Jensen wrote “some of the tools employed fighting COVID-19 are creating needless harm to our citizens’ mental and financial well-being, while providing no benefit in the fight. And they are also putting the over 100,000 Minnesotans with a disability at great risk when next year’s budget shows billions in shortfalls.”

Later in the article, the meat of the article, I’d argue, they wrote “A small insurance company in Anoka is open, since it provides financial services. Next to it, a hair salon with a single chair is shuttered by executive order. The insurance agency will be able to pay its rent and property tax on a home. The hair stylist with the salon may never open again.”

What’s the sense in that plan? Is Gov. Walz that ignorant? There’s a better way:

So now, let us define “safe” vs. “unsafe” sites instead of “essential” vs. “nonessential” functions. If a site is generally safe, let it remain open or reopen. Let the solo hair stylist remain in his or her hair salon. Let the golfers golf. Let the cabinet builders build.

Gov. Walz, why would you keep places closed that don’t need closing? If you look at charts of the state that show where most COVID-19 deaths happened, you’d notice that they happened in nursing homes. Wednesday morning, I wrote that, as of that moment, 1,069 Minnesotans had gotten infected by COVID-19. Why on God’s green earth did we need to shut down Minnesota’s economy? First of all, COVID-19 is lethal for people with previous health situations or older people. If they’re healthy 50-somethings or 40-somethings, the chances of getting ill are virtually nil. Why shouldn’t golfers be golfing? Why shouldn’t homebuilders be building homes? If a restaurant practices proper social distancing and tells customers to practice proper hygiene, why not let them open? This paragraph is key:

This will cause no impact on the fight against COVID-19, but it will greatly aid in the financial recovery, and it will markedly improve many people’s mental health.

This is frightening:

The key phrase from Sen. Jensen in the video is “fear is a great way to control people.” Bingo! Think about the control that Gov. Walz seized when he shut the state down. There was a better way to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Social distancing and frequently washing your hands could’ve done everything that shutting the state down entirely did.

That’s the dirty little truth Gov. Walz doesn’t want you to discover. That’s the truth that Jan Malcolm can’t afford for Minnesotans to discover. If Minnesotans find that out, they’ll start questioning whether Gov. Walz is telling the truth. They’ll start questioning whether Gov. Walz’s solutions are that effective. (Hint: they aren’t.)

Gov. Walz failed in his first test. That’s because he isn’t a thinker or visionary. He’s a follower, as most legislators are. This isn’t surprising since legislators don’t run things. They’re the bloviators. If something fails, someone else cleans up the mess.

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