Kim Strassel’s latest Potomac Watch column highlights how the COVID-19 crisis has revealed the character, or the lack thereof, of the high profile politicians. In the column, she wrote “the Trump administration spent this week distributing ventilators, standing up small-business loans, dispatching hospital ships, erecting alternate care facilities, explaining virus modeling, revamping regulations to keep truckers on the road, and plastering the airwaves with information about hygiene and social distancing. Speaker Nancy Pelosi spent this week setting up a new House committee to investigate Donald Trump.”

President Trump sent the signal that he’s paying attention to the American people. Nancy Pelosi sent the signal that she’s a bitter politician who has riveted her attention on President Trump. It isn’t a flattering look on Ms. Pelosi. Bitterness never is a positive look. Leadership is always a positive look. That’s what President Trump is providing. Though the gotcha questions of the Fake News correspondents are annoying, that hasn’t stopped him from dispensing important information to the people.

Mr. Trump is at the head of this operation, and while his leadership style isn’t for everyone, he’s certainly leading. He addresses the virus in stark terms but also insists on optimism—something that’s important from leaders in tough times. While punching back at some critics, he’s also reached across the aisle.

While President Trump leads, Pelosi headed in a different direction:

Contrast this with Mrs. Pelosi, who seems to view the pandemic as one big political opportunity. She held up last week’s relief bill for days, attempting to cram into it unrelated election and climate provisions. She used a Sunday CNN appearance to accuse Mr. Trump of killing Americans. This week she announced a new special House committee that will “examine all aspects of the federal response to the coronavirus” and will have subpoena power. This is yet the latest Democratic machinery for investigating Trump and ginning up scandals.

This is the embodiment of bitterness:

She’s got chutzpah. Pelosi talks about President Trump’s delays at the beginning. What she didn’t say is that President Trump was being tried for impeachment when this started. Impeachment, we’ll recall, was Ms. Pelosi’s latest attempt to undermine the President of the United States. The articles of impeachment didn’t even specify a crime, much less a high crime. Again, Ms. Pelosi’s bitterness and partisanship shines through.

For every Mr. Cuomo there is a Gretchen Whitmer. The Michigan Democrat has spent weeks accusing the administration of failing to have a “national strategy,” and of “cuts to the CDC” that put us “behind the eight ball.” She’s insisted “we’re still not getting what we need from the federal government,” and even insinuated the administration was directing suppliers to withhold equipment to her state—a ludicrous suggestion.

Gov. Whitmer has come across as a witch, a younger version of Pelosi. Supposedly on Biden’s short list for VP, she’d be perfect for turning off suburban voters.

While President Trump hasn’t totally shined during this crisis, these Democrats have definitely whined throughout this crisis. That’s how the wheat gets separated from the chaff. Making legislation isn’t a pretty sight. It isn’t a pretty sight watching wheat separate from chaff, either.

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