Pelosi and Schumer are words that definitely fit together. They even take beautiful family pictures. Everyone remembers this beautiful family portrait:

Then again, they aren’t the trustworthy leaders that I’d trust. Ms. Pelosi impeached President Trump based on hearsay testimony and the complaint of a faux whistleblower. Pelosi recently withheld trillions of dollars of funding for a week for hospital workers, small businesses and families in Pelosi’s attempt to force President Trump to sign major parts of the Green New Deal into law.

Now Pelosi is complaining that there isn’t proper oversight of those relief funds. That’s like the fox complaining that he didn’t get the security guard’s job at the hen house. That’s like Bonnie and Clyde complaining that they didn’t get the security guard jobs at the bank.

Sen. Schumer is the other pea in that pod. When Pelosi tried instigating trouble with the Green New Deal, Sen. Schumer sat silently. To quote Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana, Sen. Schumer “didn’t have the oranges” to stand up to Pelosi. Despite that deficit of intestinal fortitude, Sen. Schumer still issued this statement on oversight of the relief package:

This oversight position, which will be responsible for overseeing hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars, requires complete independence from the president and any other interested party to assure the American people that all decisions are made without fear or favor. To nominate a member of the president’s own staff is exactly the wrong type of person to choose for this position.

Trusting Sen. Schumer and Ms. Pelosi to conduct oversight on trillions of dollars is the definition of foolish. Putting untrustworthy people in oversight positions is stupid. It’s like some of the examples from earlier, like the fox getting the job of guarding the hen house, etc.

Congressional Democrats were very skeptical of the giant stimulus program to help struggling businesses hard hit by the coronavirus and insisted on several measures to make sure billions doled out to businesses are spent wisely and audited. Among the provisions was $25 million to created a new Special Inspector General for Pandemic Recovery to be an independent check on the Department of the Treasury’s loan program.

That led to this:

When Trump signed the stimulus bill into law, he included a signing statement that said the inspector general could file reports to Congress only with “presidential supervision,” angering Democrats who believe Trump is trying to undo their purposeful checks on his Administration.

That’s perfectly reasonable. President Trump anticipated an ambush by Democrats. Having both sides represented eliminates the possibility of an ambush. The fact that Sen. Schumer and Pelosi complaining so vociferously is proof that they intended to ambush President Trump.

Trusting Sen. Schumer and Speaker Pelosi to conduct honest oversight is what fools put their trust in. President Trump doesn’t trust them and rightfully so. This pair has stabbed him in the back too many times.

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