This afternoon, I received another email from Tina Smith. Apparently, she’s like other Democrats in that she doesn’t intend on telling me the whole truth with regard to the relief package that Steve Mnuchin and Mitch McConnell negotiated with Chuck Schumer and signed by President Trump. It’s apparent that she won’t tell the whole truth based on this paragraph from her email:

Minnesota and the nation are facing an unprecedented health and economic crisis in the coronavirus pandemic. Thankfully, with a new bipartisan assistance package signed into law Friday, help is on the way. It will provide significant and urgently-needed help for our health care system, families and small businesses. Minnesotans are coming together to respond to this economic and public health catastrophe. Soon, families will see direct financial help, local businesses will find a lifeline, and our heroic health care workers will know we have their backs. This pandemic will touch all of us, and this effort is a major step forward in our country’s response. There will be more work to do, and I’ll keep working to get help to people in Minnesota and across the country as quickly as possible.

Notice what isn’t included in Tina Smith’s email. What isn’t included is the fact that Tina Smith filibustered this “significant and urgently-needed help for our health care system, families and small businesses.” Tina Smith, Amy Klobuchar and the 45 other Senate Democrats filibustered this bill in an attempt to force Republicans into including such coronavirus-fighting provisions like 100% forgiveness of Post Office debt, required early voting in states, required same day voter registration, retirement plans for community newspaper employees, $15 minimum wage at companies receiving assistance, $30,000,000 for the Kennedy Center in DC, major provisions of the Green New Deal and permanent paid leave at companies receiving assistance.

Kevin McCarthy is right. History won’t treat the Democrats kind in this chapter:

Why did Tina Smith delay for a whole week $140,000,000,000 to the hospitals for personal protection equipment, ventilators and other urgently needed supplies? Why did her fellow Democrats join with her in withholding these vitally important supplies? Last week, Tina Smith was the picture of partisan bickering. This week, Tina Smith is painting herself as the portrait of bipartisanship.

Last week, the real Tina Smith filibustered urgently-needed medical supplies that were needed to save lives. This week, the phony Tina Smith pretends to care about the lives that the coronavirus is attacking. Last week, enacting the Green New Deal, forgiving Post Office debt and requiring same-day voter registration were Tina Smith’s highest priorities.

Nothing changed — except the side of her face she’s talking out of. Then again, that’s typical Tina.

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