Is our long national nightmare finally over? Have negotiators finally put together a deal that will start the economy growing again? Shortly after midnight, the White House struck a deal with Senate Democrats on a massive stimulus bill to jumpstart an economy that was sizzling up until the start of the new year.

Justin Amash, the former Republican and current independent, is threatening to upend the bill:

Michigan independent Rep. Justin Amash, who recently left the Republican Party, signaled that he might essentially delay consideration of the bill in the House. The lower chamber may seek to pass the legislation via unanimous consent because many members are not in Washington — but a single member can ruin that plan.

“This bipartisan deal is a raw deal for the people,” Amash tweeted. “It does far too little for those who need the most help, while providing hundreds of billions in corporate welfare, massively growing government, inhibiting economic adaptation, and widening the gap between the rich and the poor.”

This is more of a delaying tactic than anything else. If Amash doesn’t consent to adopting the bill without a vote, then it will require a roll call vote, which will pass with overwhelming bipartisan support. That will essentially end Amash’s political career. He’s already in difficulty for re-election in his district. This won’t make him more popular.

It’s time to finish this part of the coronavirus fiasco. When the scientists and statisticians tell us that it’s ok to return to work, let’s return to work. Let’s rebuild the strongest economy in the world.

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  • Chad Q says:

    This deal should not be approved. There are so many bad things in this bill but unemployment on steroids is one of the worst. There is no reason to pay someone an additional $600 on top of any UI benefits they would receive. Some people will make more unemployed than when they were working. There’s no reason to be sending checks to every adult and child. My wife and I are under the reported income threshold but we don’t need the money and I will refuse to cash the check. This is $6 trillion in government spending on a disease that has still not infected and killed as many people as the flu has this year. I’m not saying it isn’t serious but the stats are the stats.
    Quarantine the old and vulnerable and let the rest of the world get back to work.

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