When Joe Biden tried separating himself from President Trump in terms of crisis management, he painted himself into a corner. During a conference call, Biden said “Trump is behind the curve and is promising results he has not delivered and announcing actions that he has not even ordered. He’s all over the map. In a crisis we need leadership that’s straightforward, clear and reliable.”

Tim Murtaugh, the Trump campaign’s 2020 communications director, replied “The only thing Joe Biden knows about handling a public health crisis is that the Obama White House had to apologize for [Biden’s] remarks that set off a panic during the swine flu outbreak in 2009. And when President Trump took the critical step of restricting travel from China in response to the coronavirus, Biden called it ‘xenophobic.’ Most of what Biden says the government should do are things President Trump is already doing. The President is leading an unprecedented mobilization of America against the coronavirus and all Joe Biden can offer is ineffective partisan sniping from the sidelines.”

I wrote here about how Biden’s speech on what he’d do during this crisis. I titled the article “Joe Biden revisits Neil Kinnock.” Kinnock is the politician that Biden plagiarized in 1988. In the article, I highlighted some things that Biden would do that President Trump had already done:

Joe Biden said that small businesses will need relief from coronavirus’ economic impact. President Trump already moved decisively to provide $50 billion in liquidity to small business owners, and is asking Congress for even more.

Then there’s this:

Joe Biden said it is critical for insurance companies to waive copays for coronavirus testing. President Trump already got it done, securing a commitment from the nation’s insurance providers to waive all copays on coronavirus testing and expand coverage of coronavirus treatment in all their benefit plans.

Joe Biden is a partisan windbag with an oversized ego. The RNC couldn’t resist to get into the fun:

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  • Gretchen Louise Leisen says:

    There is logic in the top two nicknames that Joe Biden has: Slow Joe and Sleepy Joe. Recently he has acquired another: Creepy Joe, for his propensity to squeeze women and girls’ shoulders while either sniffing their hair or planting a kiss on their neck or head. It would be hard to find other Washington politicians who are less sharp.

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