For a quarter of a century, Max Lucado has been my writing inspiration. For those who’ve never heard of him, Max Lucado is the pastor of a Baptist Church in San Antonio, TX. That’s his day job. Sort of. I might say that he’s one of the best wordsmiths I’ve ever read but that isn’t giving him enough credit. Pastor Lucado is the best wordsmith I’ve ever seen. Period.

This op-ed highlights one of Pastor Lucado’s strengths. Specifically, it highlights Pastor Lucado’s empathy:

Anxiety is an out of control thought pattern. It settles over the mind like a severe weather system, spewing thunderclouds and casting lightning bolts. Life feels like an airplane in a tailspin. It feeds on what-ifs and worst-case scenarios.

What if the coronavirus is unstoppable. What if a pandemic takes over? I’ll be quarantined for weeks! The economy is sliding into a bear market. I’ll lose my health. I’ll lose my job. I’ll lose it all. How will I survive on unemployment?

How many people can relate to those paragraphs? I’m betting that thousands can relate to those thoughts. It isn’t just that Pastor Lucado knows that people are panicking and thinking like that. It’s that he’s got a solution, too:

Ask: “Can God solve this?” Is this challenge within His skill set? Is He overwhelmed by this setback? Are the angels pounding on the door of heaven trying to convince Him to come out of hiding? Is he resisting?

I can’t handle this challenge. It is too great. I don’t know what to do! I’m stumped, stuck, and stalled out.

No…I don’t think so either. God is never baffled or belittled. Take the problem to Him.

While people in ‘the real world’ are telling us to take a deep breath, Lucado is telling us to take our problems to the all-powerful God who hung all the stars in the heavens in a single night. This isn’t complicated. I’d rather trust the all-powerful God of the universe to take control of my life situation rather than simply taking a deep breath.

The important point to this isn’t that Pastor Lucado can empathize with you throughout this crisis. The important thing to learn is that the God who created us empathizes with us. Trusting God throughout this pandemic is the perfect perspective.

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