At the top of the RealClearPolitics website is an ad asking people to thank President Obama “for fighting to defeat Trump in 2020.” Here’s what it looks like:

President Obama might’ve been the smoothest-talking president in history but his policies stunk. Did his Iran Treaty guarantee nuclear peace into perpetuity? Did the Paris Climate Accords finish climate change? Oh wait. The negotiations between the Obama administration and Iran, handled so deftly (not really) by John Kerry were a masterpiece for artists who use crayons. It was so fatally flawed that it couldn’t be submitted as a treaty. It was so fatally flawed that dozens of Democrats voted against it.

The JCPOA and the Paris Climate Accord are now history. Prior to the Wuhan Virus, the Trump economy was hitting on all cylinders. The minute the virus is part of history, the economy will jump back to life. Unemployment is at 50-year lows. Consumer confidence is high. Companies are moving back from China. Other than that, the Trump economy is pretty mediocre.

President Trump’s handling of the virus crisis gets mixed grades. The mixed messaging definitely isn’t a positive. His travel bans deserve high grades, though. Wiping out the red tape at CDC that allowed the private sector to get involved in testing was brilliant. Why that wasn’t done sooner is testimony to President Obama’s obedience to big government.

It’s time to do what works and fix what doesn’t. Trusting government doesn’t work. Another 4 years of President Trump should fix lots of things.

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