CNN’s Chris Cillizza is a professional spinmeister. He isn’t particularly honest but he’s definitely a spinmeister. In this morning’s article, Cillizza wrote about Joe Biden’s confrontation with a construction worker in a Detroit factory over gun rights.

Jerry Wayne, the worker in question, confronted Biden about wanting to take away the Second Amendment:

Here’s what Cillizza wrote:

A video recently circulated by conservative outlets falsely suggested Biden supports widespread confiscation of guns, according to

That’s interesting. I pay lots of attention to gun rights groups and I’ve yet to hear any of the major organizations accuse Moms Demand Action or other gun grabber groups of wanting for a “widespread confiscation of guns.” These groups have said MDA and other Bloomberg organizations want to confiscate “assault weapons.” That’s entirely different than a widespread confiscation of firearms. If FactCheck wants to check information, it has the obligation to at least use facts. Misrepresentations aren’t welcome.

There’s a part of the confrontation that isn’t getting enough scrutiny. When Mr. Wayne said “You’re working for me”, VP Biden replies “I’m not working for you. Give me a break, man. Don’t be such a horse’s a**.” That’s rather telling. Who does Biden think he’s working for? Credit card companies? The DNC? Nancy Pelosi or AOC?

That’s a gaffe in the DC sense of a gaffe. A generation ago, Michael Kinsley said that the definition of a gaffe is when a politician “accidentally told the truth.” Biden isn’t interested in working for the people. There isn’t a credible poll that shows a majority of people to favor the confiscation of entire groups of firearms. That poll doesn’t exist. Period. Full stop.

Mr. ‘Man of the People’ Biden just revealed that he isn’t interested in working for blue collar America. That’s been verified before. Specifically, it happened in this debate:

Joe Biden has said that he’d put Robert Francis O’Rourke in charge of eliminating guns. He told Anderson Cooper that he’s coming for everyone’s assault weapons. He’s willing to kill the fossil fuel industry to supposedly save the planet. That isn’t a man of the people. That isn’t a man who’s earned the title Blue Collar Joe. That’s someone who hung around too long in the DC Swamp.

Blue Collar Joe fights with factory workers and wants to get rid of mining jobs. That doesn’t sound like a regular guy to me.

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