The Coleman for Senate Campaign just released this statement pertaining to Franken’s failure to file his taxes. Here’s the text of that statement:

“These are troubling admissions by Al Franken. Clearly, with self-professed violations in 17 different states, there will be many, many questions about this matter. On behalf of the tens of thousands of small businesses in my state, and on behalf of the millions of taxpayers of Minnesota who work hard, obey the rules and follow the laws, I believe this is a serious, and troublesome situation that must be addressed.”

It’s become extremely clear that Al Franken’s behavior has been extremely irresponsible in dealing with his financial matters. He wants to become a lawmaker even though he’s ignored the laws of 17 different states. It’s impossible to take this man seriously. He’s either a willful lawbreaker or he’s the most incompetent money manager that’s ever sought elective office.

Either way, he’s someone that should be rejected by voters this November.

As usual, Michael’s all over this story. Should we expect anything less?

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One Response to “Coleman Statement on Franken’s Fianancial Fiasco”

  • J. Ewing says:

    OK, so Franken is toast. Now what happens to the Coleman campaign’s entire justification for Norm’s re-election, which is that he is better than Al Franken?

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