Collin Peterson just made it official. He’s running for re-election again, this time for a 15th term. This might be his stiffest test. As I wrote here, Peterson doesn’t represent the district anymore.

President Trump won MN-7 by 31 points. Despite that, Peterson voted against President Trump 85% of the time:

“Collin Peterson no longer represents Western Minnesota values,” added Fischbach. “One of his first votes this Congress was to ban the wall, and he votes against President Trump 85 percent of the time. Unlike Peterson, I will work with President Trump to secure our borders, build the wall, fight against the Democrats’ socialist agenda, and keep America great.”

It’ll be interesting to see how motivated Peterson will be. Staring him in the face is the possibility of working from the minority with Ilhan Omar and AOC. That can’t be an appealing thought for Peterson. Also, it’s apparent that his relationship with Pelosi has soured, too. The day after Peterson voted against Schiff’s articles of impeachment, Pelosi slighted Peterson:

The USMCA is a big deal with farmers. The wide-angle shot at the start of this video is revealing in who isn’t in the picture. Hint: Peterson isn’t there. To a calculating woman like Pelosi, that isn’t accidental. That’s meant to send a signal that Peterson’s in her doghouse.

Peterson won’t return to Nancy’s good graces anytime soon because Nancy’s a vengeful bitch. The voters in MN-7 need to come together on whichever candidate they pick. This isn’t an opportunity that happens every year.

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