It’s stunning when you come face-to-face with CNN’s blatant bias. The sloppy reporting and the assumptions are offensive. If you think that I’m talking about Jim Acosta, that’s understandable. That isn’t who I’m talking about, though. I’m referring to Peter Bergen, CNN’s National Security Analyst. I’m talking about today’s article from Monday.

First, let’s hear what Mr. Bergen thinks of President Trump. We needn’t be Sherlock Holmes to find that out. Bergen supplies the words when he said “First, Trump doesn’t do any homework. As reported in my book, ‘Trump and his Generals,’ in early 2017 Trump’s former chief strategist, Steve Bannon, told Trump’s former national security adviser, H.R. McMaster, that Trump never studied an issue: ‘Trump is a guy who never went to class. Never got the syllabus. Never bought a book. Never took a note. He basically comes in the night before the final exams after partying all night, puts on a pot of coffee, takes your notes, memorizes what he’s got to memorize. Walks in at eight o’clock in the morning and gets whatever grade he needs. That’s the reason he doesn’t like professors. He doesn’t like being lectured to.'”

Clearly, Bergen isn’t an analyst like Brit Hume is a political analyst at Fox News. Hume is a professional; Bergen isn’t. Bergen’s implication is that President Trump is either stupid or lazy in addition to being egotistical. That doesn’t match with the results. While he was investigated and impeached in the House and being tried in the Senate, President Trump put together a task force to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Going against the advice of his advisors, President Trump put in place a two-way travel ban with China. At the time, VP Biden wrote this:

Trump’s demonstrated failures of judgment and his repeated rejection of science make him the worst possible person to lead our country through a global health challenge. So far, Trump has blithely tweeted that ‘it will all work out well.’ Yet the steps he has taken as president have only weakened our capacity to respond.

Sean Hannity put together a timeline that included this statement from Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security:

The US scored 83.5 and ranked first in 5 of 6 categories: prevention, early detection and reporting, rapid response and mitigation, sufficient and robust health system, and compliance with international norms.

On Jan. 7, 2020, “a new coronavirus (SARS CoV-02) was identified from these patients.” On “January 31, 2020, the Trump administration declared a ‘public health emergency.'” That meant that people returning from “areas most impacted were subjected to mandatory quarantine” on military bases.

By comparison, the Obama/Biden administration waited 6 months before declaring the H1N1 virus a public health emergency. In that 6 months, 1,000 people died of H1N1. Let’s compare: 6 months, 1,000 deaths with H1N1, 3 weeks, 6 deaths with COVID-19. Media judgment: Trump is incompetent, Obama walks on water. Next, let’s examine the medical personnel that’s on Team Trump:

Here’s the timeline video:

Trump should spend less time campaigning in places where he isn’t even on the ballot (South Carolina) and bone up on some briefing books, start listening to some experts, including those who challenge his preconceptions, and start acting like the president of all Americans.

Does Bergen sound like a national security analyst? Or does he sound like another third-rate political hack hired by CNN? I’m voting for the latter.

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