It’s been confirmed that Sen. Amy Klobuchar has suspended her campaign to become the Democrats’ presidential nominee in 2020. It’s further been confirmed that she’s flying to Dallas to endorse Joe Biden at a rally tonight.

This weekend, the Democrats’ field has narrowed substantially. Saturday night, billionaire Tom Steyer dropped out. Yesterday, Pete Buttigieg dropped out. Today, Amy Klobuchar dropped out. Thus far, she’s the only Democrat presidential candidate to endorse another candidate. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Warren has said that she’s in it for the long haul.

The new Klobuchar-Biden alliance is a big deal from the perspective that she’s one of the most-respected so-called moderates in the race. She showed herself, for the most part, to be a capable debater. By endorsing Biden tonight in Texas, she’s giving VP Biden a boost in a state where polls show him within striking distance of Sen. Sanders. It’s an open question whether the endorsement will help at this late date but it’s worth finding out.

This is the right move for Sen. Klobuchar at this point. It’s been apparent since before the Nevada Caucuses that her campaign wasn’t competitive after her surprising third-place finish in New Hampshire. She finished a distant sixth in Nevada. She followed that up with a distant fifth place finish in South Carolina with just 3.16% of the vote in South Carolina and 4.2% of the vote in Nevada.

UPDATE: Pete Buttigieg will join Sen. Klobuchar at Vice President Biden’s rally tonight. Both former rivals will endorse Joe Biden tonight:

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s Democratic presidential bid picked up steam on Monday as he was set to pick up the endorsements of two former 2020 rivals – Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg – on the eve of the crucial Super Tuesday primary elections.

3 Responses to “Klobuchar drops out, will endorse Biden in Dallas tonight UPDATED

  • Rex Newman says:

    I suspect her exit also reflected her cowardly response to the Black Lives Matter protesters at her March 1 rally. She says she’s tough enough to take on Putin and Trump, but couldn’t face some hecklers, and with police present.

    She disappointed her friends, supporters, and donors, many having traveled a fair distance. This may have ended all her White House dreams, including Vice President.

  • Chad Q says:

    So, who had the heart to heart with the Mayor and Saint Amy to get them to drop out?

  • eric z says:

    Chad – you know. The message came from the other ends of the puppet strings, Beto too – you can Google it. Texas does have a lot of Latinx voters, a lot of electoral votes at the party convention and for the general election.

    It does seem scripted, you gotta see that. It is so THERE.

    Bloomberg got what his camp bellowed for; others out of Mike’s checkbook’s way. Now it is Mike’s and/or Joe’s turn to see which, if either, can sidetrack the Bern.

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