Democrats love saying that their House majority is built by moderates. That’s insulting to thinking individuals. There aren’t any moderate Democrats left in the House. At least, there won’t be if Collin Peterson retires. Last week, I wrote this post to highlight the fact that the Democrats who are relatively moderate really aren’t moderates.

In that article, I quoted Newt Gingrich, who said “that he’s writing a book about House Democrats that he calls ‘the radical 200.'” Newt then continues, saying that “the entire Democratic Party is marching off a left-wing cliff. There’s a bill, for example, that would raise the FICA Tax, your Social Security tax, by 19% and they had 206 Democrats signed onto it.”

Of the 233 Democrats in the House, 230 voted to impeach President on both articles. That’s stunning considering the fact that the only testimony that the Democrats had was hearsay testimony. Impeaching a president based on hearsay testimony isn’t what a moderate would do. That’s what a hardcore partisan does.

Quite a few so-called moderates joined the Problem Solvers Caucus. It sounds great. Everyone wants to see Congress solve problems that make people’s lives better. The problem is that the people in this caucus haven’t solved anything. It’s difficult for the minority party to get things done in the partisan House, especially when it’s ruled with an iron first by someone as partisan as Speaker Pelosi. That brings me to my next point.

A so-called ‘moderate’ like Collin Peterson votes against President Trump 85% of the time. He voted against the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which has helped ignite the Trump economy. He voted against eliminating the regulations that essentially killed the fossil fuel industry and hurt small town communities. Does that sound like the reasonable thing to do?

What problems have Democrats solved? Did Democrats fix health care? Did Democrats lower prescription drug prices? Did Democrats make us energy independent? What exactly did Democrats do the past 18 months? Anything worthwhile?

Many Democrats told voters that they’d never vote for Pelosi as speaker. Some Democrats kept their promise. Many Democrats didn’t keep their promise. Democrats haven’t had an original thought since the Clinton administration. What they have is an ideological checklist that they’re determined to pass. It doesn’t matter that it doesn’t make people’s lives better. What matters to Democrats is that it’s on the checklist. Remember this?

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