Mini Mike Bloomberg has spent half a billion dollars on the Democrats’ presidential primary. Thus far, his results have been spectacularly unspectacular. Mini Mike Bloomberg still hasn’t participated in any of the Democrats’ primaries or caucuses. That will change this Tuesday, when he’ll be on the ballot in the Super Tuesday contests.

The good news is that he’ll be on the ballot in the Democrats’ presidential primaries. The bad news is that he’ll be on the ballot in the Democrats’ presidential primaries this Tuesday. For instance, Mini Mike Bloomberg has spent tons of money in California to compete in the Golden State’s primary. At this point, if the polls can be trusted, Mini Mike Bloomberg won’t win a single delegate from California.

Think about that. A person spends $500,000,000 to be the establishment’s candidate and he isn’t even competitive in the most delegate-rich state. He’s dumping tons of $$$ into California but it won’t help. Mini Mike has the personality of a porcupine. He also has this to deal with:

In a last-ditch attempt to remain relevant, Mini Mike is putting out this 3-minute video:

It will run only on CBS and NBC so this should be seen for what it is: the campaign’s attempt to remain relevant. If this was a serious attempt to tell America that he’s prepared to help this nation through a crisis, the ad would run on all networks. Don’t be surprised if Mini Mike doesn’t fade out of view after Super Tuesday. He just isn’t a compelling candidate. That’s why Bloomberg’s choke this Tuesday will be so historic.

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