I just got an email update from Barbara Banaian, the wife of my good friend King Banaian. King went into the St. Cloud Hospital Saturday night and has been in there ever since. Yesterday, they ran some tests. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to diagnose the problem with those tests. Today, they ran more tests which helped them diagnose the problem. Here’s the important part of Barb’s email update:

King was scheduled to have his gall bladder removed tomorrow morning at 8:15 a.m., but is currently running a high fever and having heart palpitations.

He didn’t want me in the room, so I had to leave……….. (although it was hard to leave)……

Please keep him in your prayers. Thanks so much and I’ll keep you posted,


Earlier this afternoon, I sent this update out to several of King’s many friends. I just now looked in my inbox & I find that Andy Aplikowski’s posted something on it here. Andy, I’m sure that the Banaians appreciate your thoughts & concerns.

This is just another reminder of how close the ties are between MOBsters.

Please feel free to drop a note in my comments section wishing King a speedy return to health or to pray for King, Barb & their family. At the end of the day, I’ll forward those thoughts, prayers & wishes to Barb.

In conclusion, thanks for rallying to King’s cause. The people in the MOB are impressive in my eyes.

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