Democrats are trying to play political games with the Coronavirus supplemental appropriations bill. Chuck Schumer has moved the goalposts a couple of times. Nancy Pelosi has been in front of the reporters virtually hourly complaining about President Trump not doing enough and not doing things fast enough.

This morning, as he frequently does, Senate Majority Leader McConnell spoke on the Senate floor on the topic of the Coronavirus supplemental appropriation bill. In his speech, Sen. McConnell called out the Democrats, especially Sen. Schumer. In his speech, Sen. McConnell said “Just days ago, the Democratic Leader signed a letter, quote, ‘strongly urging’ this kind of funding request. But almost the instant it arrived, he began blasting it as, quote, ‘too little too late.’ And our colleague continued to move the goalposts.”

McConnell continued with this:

His strong views on the necessary amount of funds varied daily. It has been a strange and clumsy effort to override normal, bipartisan appropriations talks before they even happen and replace them with top-down partisan posturing. Everyone from his fellow Democrats to President Trump have seemed perplexed by the Democratic Leader’s political game-playing. It’s not clear to anyone why he’s prioritized fighting with the White House over simply letting the appropriators do their work.

I feel confident that the coronavirus does not care about partisan bickering or political news cycles. This new disease is not going to press “pause” so that members can engage in performative outrage that gets us farther from results, rather than closer.

It’s time for Sen. Schumer to stop playing political games with this sensitive situation. I just spoke with a chemist who said that this isn’t a crisis in the United States. This chemist said that China’s response was too slow, which means that China is experiencing a crisis. What I was told by this chemist is that there are things that are happening that are alarming but still controllable. I was also told that the CDC has done a good job thus far, which is important according to this chemist.

We had a conversation about the importance of maintaining the United States’ medical infrastructure. Thus far, I was told, the infrastructure was still in good shape. Personally, I’m most worried about the political infrastructure. I’m most worried about Schumer’s and Pelosi’s hyperpartisanship. They need to put this nation first instead of trying to gain political advantage. This is a time for statesmanship, not partisanship.

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