Last night, the Democrats’ presidential candidates essentially engaged in a 2-hour-long food fight. Pete Buttigieg, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders seemed to enjoy the festivities the most. At the end, the most common reaction to the food fight across America was ‘Thank God that’s over.’ Democrats did their best to not look competent, composed or somewhat sane.

Now that the shouting match is over, it’s time to get serious about what’s important to the people these buffoons want to serve. At the moment, the top issue is limiting the spread of the Coronavirus. Anyone watching last night’s food fight must admit that nobody on that stage is prepared to lead this nation through a medical crisis.

Think of the Democrats’ presidential candidates. The frontrunner is a Marxist who praised Cuba for starting a literacy program, then started slaughtering their own people. The previous frontrunner supposedly had a good night despite the fact that he said that half the nation’s population had been killed through gun violence in the past 15 years but didn’t notice what he’d said. Pete Buttigieg, who thinks highly of himself despite this fact:

Pete Buttigieg barged in on a protest led by McDonald’s workers in Charleston, South Carolina Monday. While some of the protesters appeared to be supporters, others were not at all pleased to see him, especially when he took the microphone and began to speak.

The protest was in support of workers’ unions and a $15.00 minimum wage. He joined in with the marchers on the front line and helped hold a banner that read “Racial Justice = Economic Justice.” The crowd was mostly African-American. A group of Black Voters Matter protesters began to chant, “Pete can’t be our President, where was $15 in South Bend? when he began his remarks and continued until he cut it short after about a minute or two.

Why would anyone have confidence in these buffoons to properly handle a situation like this? There was a time when the first test for a presidential candidate was passing what I’ve called the commander-in-chief test.

While I don’t think it’s time for panic, I think it’s time to trust in a presidential administration that’s done a pretty good job of handling hurricanes and other crises. I wouldn’t trust the buffoons on last night’s debate stage:

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  • eric z says:

    Buffoonery? Takes one to know one?

    And, your mayor Bloomberg, the rich buffoon, but not while he financed GOP candidates?

    Come on. Get real.

    The nation really needs Bernie.

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