Everyone’s heard the cliché that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” When it comes to presidential campaigns, the cliché changes. The videos contained in this post signal the end of Sen. Klobuchar’s presidential campaign.

First, the video in this article says everything. In a medium-sized auditorium, Sen. Klobuchar attracted a ‘crowd’ that’s measured in the dozens. At the rally in Fargo, Sen. Klobuchar said “This is a campaign that believes in underdogs. A lot of people didn’t predict that I would make it through that snowstorm. Then they said she’s not going to make it through the summer. Then they said she won’t make it through the debate stage. It is one thing after another.”

This is essentially the speech she gave last night after getting trounced in Nevada. All that’s missing is Sen. Klobuchar’s claim that she’d exceeded expectations in Nevada. How you finish 40+ points behind the winner while exceeding expectations is a little confusing but that’s her line.

Another step on Sen. Klobuchar’s schedule was in Arkansas, where she ‘rallied’ with defeated U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln:

The ‘crowd’ in Arkansas was better, perhaps reaching 200 people. Still, the writing is on the wall. This poll shows how she’s falling in South Carolina:

When the top 2 in the polls are averaging in the upper- or mid-20s and you’re stuck in the mid-single-digits, that isn’t proof that the campaign is built for the long haul. At some point, exceeding expectations are meaningless. At some point, you have to start winning primaries. At some point, you have to start building a coalition that gets you into the mid- to upper-20s, then eventually into the mid- to upper30s and 40s.

Yesterday in Nevada, Bernie proved that he could put such a coalition together. He was the only one that did that. With most of the others running short on cash, this is starting to look like the field will get narrowed pretty quickly.

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